Talent pool building


Employers report talent shortages as their biggest hiring challenge nowadays so there’s an important need for talent pipelines and talent pool building.

The hiring process operates by using various strategies, building talent pools is an effective tactic of the recruitment strategy that could enhance the hiring process results and gives your company a competitive advantage.

When hiring managers and recruiters need to keep a database of the most qualified candidate profiles they build what is called a talent pool which gathers all potential candidates holding specific experiences and skills and with a high level of performance to help the company achieve their goals, also candidates interested in working with your company.

Talent pool building

How to build a talent pool?

To build a talent pool hiring managers need to specify and identify the company’s needs and goals, there are some ways to build a Talent Pool. Discover below effective ways to find high-quality candidates to fill your talent pool with.

Talent pool checklist:

· Applied candidates

· Referred candidates

· Sourced candidates

· Career site landing pages

· Using social media platforms

· Candidates that want to join your pool in an inbound recruiting

Ø Help the recruiters to rack the number of candidates want to join your company because of its reputation in the market

Talent pools could include any of the following:

· Potential candidates from walk-in interviews, events, and career fairs

Ø Events and career fairs help you consolidate talent pools by potentially qualified candidates, also measuring the effectiveness of career fairs in the hiring process

· Candidates that your team has sourced

· Internal talent pools

It’s a cost and effort reduction way, the hiring process is expensive and challenging so being able to turn to a pool of internal candidates can save time and cost.

· Re-engaging unsuccessful applicants

Ø Future roles require to be put into consideration, having candidates that are interested in joining your company but they weren’t succeeded in filling the position they applied for are your ideal candidates to put in your talent pool and to re-engage again offering an open vacancy.

· internship schemes

Ø Interns tend to get much more experience within their training period and at the end of their internship they want to have a job but there may not be any available vacancy at that time.

Ø By creating a talent pool you will be able to track their career development and get in touch with them for the favor of your company.

There are a lot of keys to hiring top talent in today's competitive market, talent pools are one of the methods:

The earlier you build talent pools and pipelines the better your hiring process will be because talent pools became one of the most important priorities in companies for making sure of the effectiveness of the overall hiring process and to stay competitive with companies in today’s job market fierce competition.

Staying ahead of talent needs, and finding the best candidates for open and future roles need building talent pools to ensure that your company is generating a huge flow of potential candidates.


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