Swearing in Workplace… Is It Acceptable?


Although 2020 a different year with all of its events, the most surprising is the "swearing survey" that finds that using swearing words in the workplace is on the rise.

A survey conducted by SavoyStewart.co.uk has found that using profanity becomes familiar on the professional level.


This may go to the latest remote working systems companies adopted due to the spread of the Covid-19 as the line between work and personal life become blurry while working from home as swearing is part and parcel of our daily lives.

The survey addressed 100 companies in 14 different industries and found that accounting, banking, and finance employees are on the top of the list, especially during meetings and video calls.

The survey process

To perform the study, they asked the respondents from different fields to measure how often the employee uses swearing words over 12 weeks.

After collecting and comparing the results, accounts won the first rank with the highest profanity words used during this period.

They've recorded a surprising result of almost 1000 swearing words during the 12 weeks with an average of 80 swearing words/week.


Lawyers came second with a total of 722 swearing words and an average of 60 words/week, and the last rank goes to charity and volunteering workers with a total of 57 times swearing and an average of 5 words/week.

The survey indicates that swearing in the workplace greatly impacts the work environment as it creates more closeness, confidence, and solidarity among the employees.

What's your opinion about swearing in the workplace? Is it acceptable, or it's a sign of unprofessionalism?

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