Stay Fit, Stay Hit During Work Hours


Despite all our efforts and dedication at work, we face a lot of physical challenges; from neck stiffness to lower back issues to weak knees – How do we stay fit during work then? It is well known how a 9 to 5 office career, in the long run, will develop several limitations to the human body.

In this article, we will talk about a variety of options on how to stay fit and physically healthy. 

  • Early morning gym - It is quite a challenge and might seem nearly impossible to a huge number of people but once conquered, it will feel priceless! The feeling of going to work after a good workout and a fresh shower will boost your mood, energize you and maintain healthy joints.

  • Keep yourself mobile - During a heavy day, you’ll find yourself ordering coffee/ tea more than you think. A great way to move your body is to cancel your ordering habit and start heading over to the kitchen or pantry by yourself. This way you will allow your body to move, stretch and give your eyes a break from computer screens. 

  • Healthy snacks - Make yourself a plate of vegetables at home so you can take them to work and munch on before or after lunch instead of only relying on warm drinks and unhealthy snacks. Add almonds and walnuts into your mix and experience a scrumptious mixture of flavors!

  • Hydration - Water, water, and more water. It is extremely important to stay hydrated during working hours. It helps decrease the chances of headaches, in addition to cleansing your body, and gives your skin a great complexion.

    If you’re the type of person that forgets to water themselves, you can make use of downloading apps that remind you of drinking water every hour or so. An easier and prompt solution is keeping a big water bottle on your desk so you’ll always have it in sight. 
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