Pet Grooming Jobs In Abu Dhabi: Skills, Mission, And More


Abu Dhabi has plenty of pet lovers and owners, making it one of the best destinations for anyone looking for pet grooming jobs. If you have a furry friend, have exceptional talent in dealing with pets, and people trust you with their animals, this article is definitely for you. To get one of the pet grooming jobs in Abu Dhabi, you need to be skillful and knowledgeable enough. Today we discuss essential points in the pet grooming careers: any pet groomer's missions and the tips to follow to pursue a perfect job. 

Skills and missions:

pet groomer skills and missions

1- Health conditions knowledge

A pet groomer should be aware of the common health issues and conditions for pets. They also should be able to recognize them well and direct the pet owner to a vet. There are common illnesses like skin disorders or parasites.

2- Haircutting and hair care

Your primary role is to take care of the pets' hair. That includes cutting their hair in a suitable way for their conditions and the pet owner's taste. Every pet has its personality that requires a different hair care routine and styling.

3- Bathing and cleaning

Bathing pets is not an easy task, although the process is pretty enjoyable. You'll have to be aware of the masks and the shampoos that are proper for every single pet. Also, some animals hate bathing, so you should know how to deal with them.

4- The familiarity of various breeds

Every breed has its qualities that define the way you can handle them. It also helps you find out the best hair-cutting patterns to follow. In addition to showing how much you are knowledgeable and trustworthy to the customers.

5- Nails trimming

A pet groomer should be skillful enough to trim pets' nails correctly without causing them any harm. There has to be a balance between firmness gentleness at the same time, so the job gets done perfectly.

6- Animal behavior control

Sometimes pet groomers meet poorly trained pets that may cause a lot of mess. As a pet groomer, you should have good knowledge about dealing with these pets and control their behavior.

After knowing about your main missions as a pet groomer, here are some tips to help your work go smoothly.

1- Be patient

We understand that your work schedule is super busy, but please try to take time to bond with pets when they first arrive. Read their personalities through their behaviors because every single pet has its independent character, exactly like humans. Talk to them, offer them snacks and play with them. That would help the grooming process go way smoother. It would also make pets, and their owners trust you and feel safe around you.

Never show any signs of disturbance. Pets are intelligent, as they can sense any negative vibes easily. It would transfer feelings of distress, which may complicate the grooming process. Be compassionate and patient; it eventually pays off.

pet groomer and a cat

2- Don't listen to all requests

Some customers might request little things, for example, bleaching their pets' hair. Never listen to them, as they might not be aware of the consequences. A lot of clients don't understand the dangers behind any of these requests. For this reason, try to talk to them politely and provide them with an explanation.

Spread awareness about pets' health. Tell others that pets are not toys, as they need a lot of care and love.

Having a pet doesn't give the owners the right to harm their pets' health.

3- Take first aid classes

Pet groomers face a bunch of emergencies during their job. It's essential to take first aid classes, to help pets whenever there's any necessity. Those who know feel more confident and aware, which gives them the chance to perform better in their job. Pets will be safer with you, people will even trust you more, and many customers will admire your knowledge.

Widen your information about pets' health by reading books and taking courses. You can also be a good adviser for pet owners whenever they need help.

4- Be friendly

Your job requires dealing with humans too. Thus, be welcoming and kind to clients. It's great to communicate with them about their pets. Ask them questions considering their pets' health, behaviors, and issues. Like this, they'd feel way more appreciated and heard. Furthermore, they'd acknowledge that their pets are in safe hands.

Always smile and offer customers help. Tell them that your door is open for any pet-care advice.

5- Create an identity for your salon

pet groomer and a dog
Your pet grooming salon should have an individual identity and vibes. You can do this by building a healthy, welcoming environment. For instance, decorate your place with pleasant colors and unique lights. Remember that people and pets sense the place's vibes unconsciously through its colors. Studies have also shown that every color activates certain emotions.

You can also have lovely music in the background to make clients want to spend more time in your salon. Pets would also love receiving free tasty snacks when they visit you.

6- Develop grooming skills

Pet grooming is an art. It requires a lot of learning and skills. A lot of haircuts have different layers and take various types of scissors and tools. It also takes knowledge about which body parts can be groomed and which others cannot be done.

There are a lot of certification programs for pet groomers out there. You can also ask experienced people in your field about tips and hacks. It would be great to join any of the pet groomers' communities and share your professional experience with them.

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