Mother's Day: 10 Funny Memes Every Working Mother can Relate to


Mother's Day - It's always said that the best way to deal with pressure is humor. That's what you need today as a working mom.

Millions of moms can relate to what you go through every day; you're not alone in this.

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It's challenging to handle your kids' responsibility and work simultaneously, and most working mothers forget to take care of themselves.

Dr. Job tells you, "Happy Mother's Day!" and shows you 10 funny memes to make you feel better.

1- Coffee?

We realize that coffee is the only thing that keeps you sane as a working mother.

Kids with unlimited requests and your manager with endless deadlines can drive you crazy.

With all of the sleepless nights, coffee is the only thing that can help you pull yourself together.

Moreover, it's a great victory if you could even sleep four hours a day. Sometimes you cannot even have that privilege.

Coffee is your best friend and the most loyal supporter as a working mother.

2- How to make everything perfect?

It's pretty overwhelming to be a working mom. You should raise your kids well, do your job perfectly, take care of yourself and eat healthily, isn't it too much?

Working mothers do not have superpowers, so ideally, expecting them to fulfill everything is not fair.

We understand that you want everything to be done perfectly, but you also have to be easy on yourself. You cannot achieve everything simultaneously; instead, make it one thing at a time.

Moreover, remember that it's okay to make mistakes, and don't forget to put your health first before anything else!

3- A fashion model or a complete disaster?

Motherhood gives you so much struggle when it comes to taking care of your appearance, as it doesn't come as one of your priorities.

You have other stuff to do, such as feeding your kids, studying for them, listening to their endless stories, and making them feel important—all of that and meeting deadlines at work and being friendly to your coworkers.

Sometimes you will seem like a fashion model, and some other days, you will forget what it's like to match your pair of shoes together.

Eventually, it's okay, as long as you wear shoes to work.

4- Have you ever finished laundry?

Doing laundry is such a pain, as it never ends. Sometimes looking at the laundry basket gives you anxiety, right?

One of the best moments of your week is when you can see the bottom of your laundry basket; it feels like you've won the Olympics.

A gentle reminder: don't take the burden of doing the laundry to yourself, but let your kids depend on themselves and wash their clothes if it's doable.

The last piece of advice will help you raise very independent kids who can be responsible for themselves and give you a break from the laundry nightmare.

5- Compliments for the "mom"!

That moment when a teacher tells you that your kid is polite, creative, and well mannered makes you feel that your efforts pay off.

It's normal to be confused about how you raise your kids, as every family is different from the other.

There's no PERFECT METHOD to raise your kids, but there's a suitable method.

Additionally, it's okay to make mistakes and not have the best well-mannered kids in the universe. Don't pressure yourself and your kids, and take things easy!

6- No babysitter for my baby.

The struggle of trusting no one to take care of your kids is real.

Whenever you leave your kid with anyone, even the trusted ones like their father, you have thousands of scenarios of how much they will get hurt.

You might even keep calling every fifteen minutes to ensure they're okay.

We understand how much you love them, but remember not to be overprotective so that they can be more independent. Deal with your anxiety and take a deep breath!

7- What's better than the home salon?

Who didn't try to give her kids a haircut at least once?

The results don't matter, as it will grow back again.

We sometimes cannot afford a haircut at a salon or even don't have time to take them to a professional hairdresser, so we become the hairdresser.

What's wrong with that? Kids are always pretty, even when they have a terrible haircut.

Be confident and let the artist inside find their way through trying to cut your kids' hair.

8- "Alone time" never heard of this word.

When was the last time you could drink a cup of tea without having your kids asking for a sip now and then?

Since forever, I guess.

When deciding to be a mom, you also decide to be attached to a little creature for the upcoming 18 years of your life.

Quality time is something you can dream of and fantasize about, but you can never have.

But here's a gentle reminder to let yourself have a break and give it some quality time.

Please do not pressure yourself to the extent when you're burnt out, and remember that to be a good mom, you have to be a healthy mom.

9- Finally, a day off!

You've been dreaming of the day off from work for the whole week. You've kept thinking of the scenarios of having enough sleep, eating a healthy breakfast, listening to the sound of silence, and enjoying some alone time.

But all of those dreams get shattered when your kids have the same day off from school, and you keep denying the whole thing for a while.

You love them, but you cannot express love when that happens, as all you can do is cry in a corner or look at the ceiling while ignoring their multiple questions about life and existence.

10- Acting cool, but life's cruel.

"I am a strong mom who can handle everything."

How many times do you tell yourself that sentence day?

Maybe it's the only thing holding you back from having a mental breakdown.

Maybe that cup of coffee or that bar of dark chocolate helps you stay sane a little bit.

But, eventually, you have that massive breakdown over a tiny thing that doesn't go right.

Hey you, hardworking mom, please don't let yourself reach that point, and give it some attention because you deserve so much love.

And don't forget to always ask for help, because as we said before, you don't have superpowers; you're a human being who has limits and needs.

In conclusion, we hope that all working moms take care of themselves and stay healthy. Happy Mother's Day!