Jobs in 2040: Most Common Jobs of the Future


The future opens up new opportunities and horizons for businesses and jobs; As technology is making a huge difference in the world, the biggest example of this is jobs in 2040, which will create opportunities that no one has ever heard of.

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These typical jobs will be defined around technology like drones, robotics, and blockchain, rather than professional categories such as nurse or teacher.  

Dr. Job Pro is here today to discuss future careers by listing the most common jobs in 2040.  

1- Robot Sherpa  

Today, most robots are proficient at only one or two tasks. A robot that can do a wide range of functions is still a long way from being the iPhone of robotics. That will happen before the year 2040.  

Despite this, intelligent robots still require an entire ecosystem of support workers to operate efficiently. Robots, like planes, need a team of support staff to function optimally.  

  • Robot servicing    
  • Robot operators  
  • Programmers of robots  
  • Experts in robot UI/UX  
  • Robotic business consultants  

2- Personal health maestros   

Yes, we will still have nurses and doctors in the future. Still, most of the job growth in the health industry will be surrounding the digitization of personal health and the optimization of human performance.  

  • Anti-aging practitioners
  • Nurses  
  • Gene sequencers  
  • Epigenetic therapists  
  • Brain neurostimulation professionals  
  • Genetic modification designers and engineers  

3- Architects of the blockchain   

All types and derivatives of blockchain represent an exciting new industry that will cover practically every other business. The whole boundaries of blockchain have yet to be discovered. Thus most of this is still uncharted terrain for us.  

  • Engineers in the field of blockchain  
  • Cryptocurrency developers  
  • UX and UI professionals for blockchain  
  • Managers of a blockchain-based cloud  
  • Experts in the field of the blockchain  
  • Product managers for blockchain  
  • Experts in the creation of blockchain businesses  

4- Architects and curators of sensing systems  

One hundred trillion sensors will generate data by 2040. To bridge the gap between data and the actual world, we'll need an increasing number of people skilled in MEMs and sensors.  

  • Designers of sensor technologies  
  • Sensor tailors and garment makers  
  • data modelers who work with sensors  
  • Sensor troubleshooter  

5- Asteroid miners   

Asteroids are rich in materials that can build things in space and bring them back to Earth. Gold, rhodium, silver, palladium, rhodium, tungsten, and iron are among the precious metals that may be brought back to Earth, and iron, nickel, aluminum, and titanium for building. It is just a matter of time before there is a significant increase in activity in this sector.  

  • Scouts and surveyors on asteroids  
  • Workers on the asteroid mining site  
  • Experts in the launch of asteroid mining operations  
  • Mining robots for asteroids  
  • Material scientists on asteroids  
  • Operators of asteroid transport  
  • Operators of asteroid mining  
  • Data managers for asteroid analytics.  

6- Infrastructural developers of the subway   

We will have started creating a worldwide tube transportation network, considered the world's largest infrastructure project. Millions of people will be employed in the global tube network's development and operations.  

Network designers and constructors; Tube network command center; Tube network safety engineers; Tube network operators; Traffic optimizers.  

  • Maintenance and repair of the subway system  
  • janitors for the tube network  

7- Virtual reality developers   

Although few of us know it, our minds are trained to operate in a 2-D mode of thought. Our schools have been beating us over the head with 2D thinking since the days of 2D paper, books, whiteboards, and blackboards.

2D screens became commonplace as we entered the computer age. Imagining what it would look like to "surf the net," develop a 3D website, or if we built 3D charts and graphs, what that third dimension would convey is beyond our ability to imagine.

A three-dimensional world is already here, but we've only reached the stage where we can see it.  

  • Travel agents that use mixed reality  
  • Trainers that specialize in virtual and mixed reality  
  • Coaches in the field of mixed reality  
  • Designers of mixed-reality gaming  
  • Blended reality filmmakers  

8- Data Junkies  

 It might be argued that data is the new oil in many regards. Due to data's limitless possibilities for new goods and services, many new jobs will be created.  

  • Data-gatherers – obtaining rights to new types of data and licensing them to consumers  
  • Investigator of data  
  • Analyzing and interpreting data  
  • Monitors of data  
  • Ethicists of data 

9- AI-Enhanced Freelancers   

A few decades ago, information was limited, and only the specialists had access to it; today, data is abundant, but only the experts know what to look for. For those who are proficient in the art of AI turbocharging, there will be a comparable transition before 2040, when we begin to add AI upgrades to our bodies and brains.  

  • freelance coaches and trainers with artificial intelligence  
  • Writers who have been given AI assistance  
  • Musicians aided by artificial intelligence  
  • Artists that have had their work boosted by artificial intelligence  
  • Programmers with AI-enhanced quantum capabilities  
  • Accountants with artificial intelligence  
  • Experts in AI-enhanced cyber security  
  • a new breed of artificially intelligent (AI) professionals  

10- Fabricators of 3D printing  

 Over the next two decades, 3D printing's speed, accuracy, and material options will all increase significantly. As each machine becomes a key profit center, this will open the door to a wide range of support employees.  

  • Physical chemists  
  • Designers of 3D products  
  • Pharmacies that use 3D printing to make pills  
  • Organs, limbs, and prostheses created via 3D printing  
  • Reconstructive surgeons who use 3D printing  
  • 3D printers for food  

11- Blockchain technology   

Even though there will still be a lot of jobs in the banking and finance industries, the conventional money world will decrease as automation removes many branch banking outlets from the landscape. More than half of all national currencies will be replaced with cryptocurrencies. In the financial industry, positions associated with cryptocurrencies are expected to see the most expansion.  

  • Regulators in the cryptocurrency industry  
  • Cryptocurrency bankers.  
  • Experts in the field of cryptocurrency transactions  
  • Wealth managers that specialize in cryptocurrencies
  • Miners of the virtual currency Bitcoin  
  • Operators of cryptocurrency exchanges  
  • Analysts in the field of cryptocurrency  

12- Quantum technology experts  

Quantum information is measured in terms of qubits. By the year 2040, we'll be using qubits instead of bits and bytes. To prevent their data from being intercepted, users will be obliged to switch to quantum-level encryption before the year 2040.  

  • Programmers who work with quantum computers  
  • Analyzers of atomic data  
  • Quantum-level surveillance and management of personal information  
  • Managers with quantum levels of trust  
  • Operators of high-speed machinery  
  • health monitoring devices based on quantum physics  
  • Pharmacists with expertise at the quantum level  
  • Personality creators for quantum computers  

13- Fusion power plant builders   

With the first fusion power plant coming online in 2040, the global power sector will be formulating plans for literally hundreds of other fusion power plants to replace our outdated power infrastructure. Even though the industry is still in its infancy, recruiting and preparation work has already begun.  

  • Architects of fusion reactors  
  • Atomic bombers  
  • Fusion system integrators and microgrid specialists  
  • Fusion power plant designers and contractors  
  • Manager of the Fusion project  

14- Ground staff for space technology   

Experts in the space sector are rethinking their schedules due to Space X. By 2040, humanity will have established a colony on Mars, and rocket launches for space tourism will be commonplace. As in the aviation sector, there will be many employees working in various positions for every launch.  

  • Planners of space missions  
  • Astronaut and cargo preparation, weather forecasters  
  • Analysis tools for space command's internet traffic.  
  • Monitors for space command are available.  
  • Designers of space tourism  
  • Minimizers of space impacts  
Get ready to be a professional in one of the jobs of 2040. Best of luck!