Is It Better to Hire a Full-time Employee or A Freelancer?


As an employer, the decision to hire an employee or a freelancer is often tricky. While freelancers offer you flexibility and cost savings, there are benefits to hiring permanent staff members.

It is easy to think they are doing the same job: Both provide a product or service based on your direction, both have varying levels of expertise, and both need to be paid. But there are many differences between the two, and mistakes can be made if you do not know how to distinguish their roles.

Should I hire an employee or a freelancer?

It really depends on what you're looking for in an employee or freelancer. Below, we'll take a closer look at the two types of workers to see if you should hire an employee or a freelancer for your next project.

Who is a freelancer?

The freelancer-  is self-employed or an independent business person who has no full-time employees. They are hired on a temporary or "freelance" basis as and when required. Freelancers work on short-term contracts or per-project bases rather than permanent positions. Freelancers work from home and often pay for their own insurance rather than being covered by an employer.

Why to hire freelancers?

  • Affordable rates
  • Skill and talent diversity
  • Specialized skills in niche fields
  • convenience
  • Variety of motivations
  • Don't need to pay benefits
  • Payless in taxes
  • freelancers are available on short notice and for short projects

Who is a full-time employee?

An organization uses the term full-time employee to denote that an employee works at least one of the standard hours per day at the workplace and has a contract for an unlimited duration. In some organizations, a full-time employee is called regular work unit employees.

Full-time Employees have stability, and they can't be fired unless if they do something wrong.

They get to enjoy insurance, free vacation, pension, health care, and sick days.

Why to hire Employees?

  • It's easier to resolve any misunderstandings with employees than freelancers
  • Hire when you need them
  • Know they are reliable
  • Pay only for the time they work
  • They are fully loyal and committed to your business
Hiring a freelancer or an employee? The decision has a lot of things to consider, but the payoff can be high. Now that you have read this post, you should know the difference between a freelancer and an employee. Your decision on whether to hire a freelancer or an employee totally depends on your needs in your business.