Interviews Etiquette


Interviews Etiquette

Many of us make unconscious mistakes during job interviews that may hinder them from getting the desirable job. As a result, they start wondering why they didn’t get the job, while they don’t know that they have committed some mistakes which they were unaware of.

Here, we are going to introduce the main rules of Interviews etiquette that you’ve to know before going to an interview.


  • Dress inappropriately (Jeans and casual dressing is not allowed), abide by the formal dressing code or the type of dress that the company determines.
  • Arrive late; it’s rather preferable to reach the place 15-20 minutes before the interview’s appointment.
  • Use your phone during the interview, switch it off, don’t put in the silent or vibrate mode.
  • Say (I don’t know) when they ask you about their company, it’s mandatory that you surf the net about the company and know everything about it before going to the interview.
  • Slouch or cross your legs while sitting or frizzle your hair.
  • Chew gum, candy, or mints during the interview.
  • Show boredom or tiredness or carelessness, but show enthusiasm and interest.
  • Be unprepared to answer questions, go through the common questions asked in interview and know how to answer them.
  • Rely on your experience or knowledge or skills; review your qualifications if they match the job.
  • Forget what you’ve written on your own resume.
  • Enquire about the job benefits before time or too soon.
  • Talk about the salary before time or too soon.
  • Fail to make a strong case for why you are the best for this job.
  • Fail to describe how your strengths and abilities.
  • Fail to listen carefully to what the interviewer is saying.
  • Be too nervous or over-confident.
  • Give hesitated answers like (I guess) or (Umm).
  • Forget the name of the interviewer, but rather use the name he/she used to introduce him/herself.
  • Complain that you waited a lot.
  • Over-explain why you left your last job.
  • Bad-mouth your past employers.
  • Talk too much and interrupt the interviewer.
  • Talk elaborately about your points of weakness.
  • Post the interview; don’t share details about the interview on social media platforms no matter how bad the interview was.

In addition, always remember to:

  • Update your resume –try to keep it to one page.
  • keep a natural look, with simple hair and light natural make-up.
  • when you meet your interviewer:
  • Be confident, precise, focused, and authentic.
  • Use the magic words, “please”, and “Thank you” always.
  • Make sure to ask the interviewer a list of important questions at the end of the interview. (We will write a post regarding the questions which you can ask the interviewer about at the end of the interview).
  • Ask when a decision will be made or when you may follow up, and call them back on the date they determined for you.
  • Thank them for taking the time to interview you.
  • After the interview, send a handwritten thank you note to your interviewer.
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