Interview Preparation


Congratulations! After submitting hundreds of resumes, you finally received an interview invitation, but...keep your excitement on hold until you consider below Dr.Job checklist when attending to your job interview. Drjobs prepared some guidelines for you to consider before attending a job interview.

  Company Profile

As a job seeker, it is your responsibility to know the profile of the company who’s sent you an interview invitation, this will give you enough knowledge of your future job and its industry, google this company and visit their website!

What to Read?

You have a goal as a jobseeker and the company’s goal as well, you need to impart your goal and align it to the company, read the vision, mission, what they do, services, awards received, articles, & news related to the company among others. If you feel that you are not comfortable and you cannot align your goal to this company then stop it from there and be professional to refuse the job interview invitation by sending them an email.


Have you ever thought of reading your resume once again? As a Jobseeker you need to keep reading your resume, ensure that you are particular and familiar of your job experiences and understand what you have written in your resume. Stand out and be creative, most HR professionals recommended a maximum of 2 pager resume, keep it brief and concise.

  Dress To Impress

  1. When buying clothes for job interview always consider the color of your clothes, always ask the sales consultant that it is for job interview purposes, and they will be happy to assist you and recommend the best clothes for you.
  2. If you don't have budget to buy new clothes, check your wardrobe then mix and match, for male if your shirt is lighter use dark necktie, black trouser and a black jacket. For ladies use black trouser or mini skirt, white shirt, black jacket, and scarf, please note that you need to use stockings if you are wearing mini skirt and your mini skirt must be below your knee.
  3. For Ladies, check your nail polish you must have single color, for male cut the tip of your nails if needed.
  4. Use proper lipstick, red is the most recommended by DrJobs
  5. Use light make up if the interview will be conducted on daytime whilst a strong make-up is recommended if the interview will be at the evening.
  6. Hygiene is very important, don't forget to apply deodorant after shower, recruiters usually get distracted if they smell body odor.
  7. Avoid strong perfume
  8. Check your hair, if your need haircut and needed to trim your beard do it now.
  9. Do not use distracting pony tails for female.
  10. Clean off your shoes, use shoe polish if needed
  11. And lastly check yourself first before going to the interview room, go to the nearest water closet and re-touch for your make-up and lipstick
 Dress To Impress - Drjobs Interview Preparation

  Communication Skills

Your communication skills has a major role in your career, when responding to the recruiters questions make sure that they hear your voice clearly, use body language if needed and eye contacts is a must, if you need a visual aids for them to understand you do not hesitate to request. Stay calm and relax, don’t stammer when responding and always remember the word KISS, just K-eep I-t S-imple, otherwise you will look Stupid.

Reading will improve your communication skills, give it a try and start reading now.

 Communication Skills - Drjobs Interview Preparation


Recruiters are impressed by jobseekers punctuality, try to manage your time and always arrive to your job interview at least 10 minutes prior the interview, this will give you ample time to refresh yourself and read your resume, for unusual situations that you will be arriving late or unable to attend the job interview let the recruiter know by calling or sending them an SMS.

Dr.Job wishes you great success in your career ahead. Happy job hunting ☺

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