Interview Follow Up


Why is it important to follow up with the hiring manager post the interview?

  • You remind your interviewer that you’re a strong candidate for the job.
  • You show your interest in the position.
  • You reinforce the fact that you’re qualified and should be given a true chance.

How to execute the process successfully?

First of all you’ve to:-

1-Collect the business cards from all your interviewers if possible.

2- Check the LinkedIn to pick the job titles, contact information, and the correct spelling of the interviewers’ names.

If the pieces of information mentioned above weren’t shown then 3- search for the interviewers on the website of the company. The last alternative is to 4-call the company’s landline where the receptionist should have access to the directory from which she can supply you with the needed details.

How to follow up via phone calls?

Despite the fact that sending a quick email is easier than executing phone calls, it increases your candidacy for the job. Especially, if the job involves a lot of time in phone calls; saying thank you will enable you to show the strong communicative skills required for the position.

Let’s go to the 2 steps through which you can execute successful phone calls:

-Write down a list of the points you want to mention in the phone call ahead of time.

  • Start by introducing yourself (your full name, the position which you’ve been interviewed for, and the date of the interview). You can also mention anything you forgot to say during the interview including a few of your key qualifications.

How to follow up via Email messages or hand-written thank you letters?

-You can write Thank you letter by hand or via Email

  • Email is the fastest way to say Thank you post job interview. It’s a perfect choice
  • Also, a hand written thank you note is a clear evidence of your enthusiasm in the job for you took the time to write a note. Don’t forget to put a stamp, and mail your letter. Ensure a neat handwriting.
  • Ensure to send the thank you letter or E-mail to all the interviewers you met.

6 points to put in mind when writing a thank you letter, no matter what the type is:

1. Don’t wait; send the note within 24 hours of the interview maximum. Prolonging the period may terminate you from the candidacy.

2. Promote your c andidacy. Use the follow up note as a tool to assure your employer to be that you’re interested in the job and the company.

3. Highlight your skills that are relevant to the job requirements

4. Mention anything you wish you had said during the interview but forgot.

5. Make sure that the note is free of grammatical errors and misspellings.

6. If you answered any question poorly in the interview, it’s your chance to rephrase what you wanted to say.

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