Install These 12 Gmail Add-ons and Extensions to Boost Your Productivity


Do you know that there are 306.4 billion emails sent and received daily via Gmail in 2020?

Google mail (also known as Gmail) is the most popular email platform nowadays, with over 1.8 billion users worldwide. Yet, not all users know that they can leverage their email productivity using some exciting features. In other words, users can unlock Gmail's true potential by start using its add-ons and extensions.

These features will help them go beyond messaging and utilize Apps designed for invoicing, management, marketing, financial services, sales, and more. They boost the importance of Gmail as a powerful communication tool as they offer many sorts of integration that you can add to your mail.

It's very simple! You can customize your experience innovatively and interestingly using this slim sidebar on the right side of your Gmail inbox since it contains tens of add-ons. These add-ons can let you more productive by installing as many as you need to customize your inbox to meet your needs. These add-ons can be your " Command Centre" that takes your role and reacts whenever your email requires to take action.

There are hundreds of add-ons and extensions that can be utilized to accomplish tasks in record time. Still, we have picked up 12 of the most useful Add-ons that trigger functions related to resume building, email tracking, to-do lists, invoicing, cloud storage, and more. They will help you enhance your mail productivity as a job seeker, employer, or business owner.  

What are Gmail add-ons?

Gmail add-ons are customized extension of G-suite productivity applications that are built to expand the functionality of Gmail. While you can install the extensions into the browser, add-ons are installed into the G-suite App. These add-ons and extensions add new capabilities to the G-suite applications to enable users to boost workflow efficiency, streamline tasks, quickly browse data between Google Applications.

Below is the list of the best 12 Add-ons that are easy to use and important to boost productivity.

1- Resume Template

The first step into getting a job is creating a well-polished resume. In this respect, Gmail offers a set of ATS friendly resume templates that will give you an edge while applying for jobs. These resumes are editable Google Docs templates so you can edit and customize your resume to the job you are applying for and share with hiring managers. Kick start your career with a nice-looking professional resume and install Resume Template for Gmail.

2- Mail Track

Do you know that double-check marks you see in your daily instant messaging apps? You can apply the same feature on your Gmail to know if your sent emails have been read or no.

It's essential for sales teams, project managers, employees with B2B market direct client relationships, freelancers, and businesses of all sizes. Even job seekers can utilize this tool to check if their recruiters received their emails or not. As an example, If you are a marketing specialist running marketing or outbound campaigns, you can easily track your opened emails, links clicked, get real-time notifications on metrics, set reminders, and receive daily reports

The single tick indicates that your email has been delivered, and the double tick shows that your email has been opened. By installing Mail Track, you will enjoy unlimited real-time notifications, getting reminders, receiving daily email tracking reports, link tracking, filters to check the " read," and "not read" emails.

3- Trello

Trello is one of the most comprehensive project management and to-do-list apps. You may be of the 5,422,50 users of Trello. If not, you should know that Trello is a Gmail Add-on that focuses on keeping your inbox and boards connected for ultimate productivity.

It's the most accessible tool to make sure that nothing important is missed while checking your emails to track sales leads, organize an event, manage feedback, and more.

Trello is a fun, flexible, rewarding tool that enables you to organize and prioritize your work through its boards, lists, and cards.

By one click, you can turn your mail subject lines into card titles and email bodies into card descriptions, with an option to add comments, attachments, and labels to tasks, and instantly share responsibilities with your team. All small and medium businesses, enterprise teams, and freelancers use it.

4- Asana

Asana is a functional project management web app, like Trello. However, the additional powerful feature that features Asana is that users can search for teams, tasks, projects from within their inbox. With Asana, you can turn tasks into emails, assign tasks, set deadlines, add notes, and connect your emails to projects. It's a secure platform to turn your conversations into actions and your information into trackable tasks.

5- Dropbox and Box

Dropbox and Box are the best Cloud storage choice for your business. Hence, they are used by 500+ million users as a central point to save, access, and share files. They offer unlimited file storage, secure access to data across devices, and collaboration tools.

You can view attachments, save to the storage, and share directly without leaving your Gmail and jumping back and forth between apps. Additionally, you can save files of any size (big or small) and any type (Photos, videos, presentations, projects, and tasks), and you can attach files from Dropbox directly while composing an email. 

With this Add-On, you can sync all your files automatically and access whenever you need on Gmail Apps, Android, IOS, and even while being offline. It's an all-in-one platform for secure content management in a fully automated process.

6- Boomerang

Boomerang is one of the most popular go-to extensions for Gmail professional users. Once you install the add-on, which is available for all browsers, you'll get control over managing and scheduling your emails. So, when you're away or offline, Boomerang will work for you and trigger emails promptly. The plug-in helps in reminding you to follow-up the emails where you didn't get a response by placing the emails on the top of your inbox.

It also has " Boomerang reminders," which returns the important emails on the top of your inbox when specified. This reminds you to take action on messages at a suitable time. And the newest feature is the " send later" button, which allows you to schedule your emails to be sent on a specific time and date, and it will deliver the mail at the desired time even if you're offline.

So, Boomerang is the leading email productivity add-on that helps millions of users focus on what matters when it matters.

7- Todoist

Todoist is the most popular to-do list that organizes work and life. There are 25 million users around the world use Todoist to organize, plan, and collaborate on tasks and projects. On desktop or mobile, users can use Todoist to prioritize their tasks, build lasting habits due dates like "every Sunday." They can also remember deadlines and due dates, assign tasks to others to achieve teamwork goals, and get a "zero inbox" by turning all your emails into tasks, reminders, and priorities. It is "the best to-do list right now," as ranked by the Verge.

8- Evernote for Gmail

Evernote is a brilliant App designed for storing everything, note-taking, organizing, archiving, and task management. This add-on helps users to create notes on everything in any type, including texts, drawings, photographs, and URLs. You can bring all-important communications into Evernote, including mails, ideas, lists, attachments, and goals. Moreover, you can focus on what is essential by filtering and saving what matters into your Evernote, keeping necessary emails and easily find them, protecting your content, collecting emails, and sharing them as public links in Evernote.

9- Bookipi

Are you running a start-up? Do you have a small business? Do you start freelancing? Bookipi is used by over 600,000+ small business owners and freelancers in 179 different countries.

This is the ideal financial add-on that you can install to send invoices, estimate, and keep tracking of your economic issues. You'll be able to create invoices and estimates, generate receipts, get your client's signature, impose surcharges, export reports to your team in seconds, and share the invoices with them.

10- Hire for Gmail

It's as easy as its name. This plug-in is an applicant tracking system and recruiting software that helps you hire more qualified candidates directly from your inbox.  By using artificial intelligence, this add-on aims to streamline the hiring process by making it faster, smarter, and more straightforward. Through Hire by Gmail, hiring managers can post jobs to many platforms, track applicants, manage candidates during the hiring process, collaborate seamlessly with hiring teams and candidates, streamline communications using the templates designed by experts.

 It also simplifies scheduling through the integration with Google Calendar, Drive Docs, Hangout, and sheets on one platform, searches for past applicants, and rediscovers great candidates for the new job vacancies. It also streamlines the administrative recruiting tasks and builds relationships with candidates since it focuses mainly on people, not processes. Keep on track with the latest recruiting trends with this tool that is perfect for small and medium businesses.

11- WiseStamp

Wisestamp generates and manages your business email signature to leave a good lasting impression and give your emails more advantage while being among dozens of emails. This creative email signature taste can drive more traffic and generate more leads to your website. By installing Wisestamp, you can feature your mail by adding web links, photos, and snippets of your social media feed by the end of your emails. Use the email signature templates or subscribe to the company email management plan and add flairs to your emails through WiseStamp.

12- DocuSign

With the latest global digital transformation, it will not be a surprise if you know that you can sign your agreements and all types of documents electronically without wasting your precious time in printing out, signing, and scanning your documents manually. DocuSign is the world's first E-signature solution with a "free" plan; you'll enjoy lifetime access to all of your signed documents, "sign here" tags, document routing, and mobile app access.

 The work goes smarter by signing and returning the email attachment in less than 30 seconds. It streamlines the business by offering document templates with unique and legally binding signature on safely encrypted servers.

Now, we want to hear from you and know what your favorite Gmail Add-ons and extensions are? How do they work? And why you prefer them?

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