How you can get a job using Networking!


Searching for a job opportunity needs to use a variety of strategies and methods to guarantee success, there are a lot of tools such as “networking” which can help you get a job. 

Networking is the process of building relationships that can potentially create job opportunities. Networking is best-done face-to-face, but it can take place online as well.

There are numerous social networking sites such as LinkedIn, where you can connect with colleagues and professional employers, professional organizations also offer opportunities to connect through social networks.  

Some experts say that a lot of people ended up in their current position thanks to networking, investing your time in building a professional network will be like putting the cornerstone in your career path.

Building a valuable network is all about establishing fruitful connections that can provide you with valuable career advice and problem-solving tips and vice versa.


The majority of job openings are never publicized; most jobs especially higher positions are never advertised, the key to finding out about these positions is through networking and recommendations.

How you can get a job using Networking!

Here are some tips to successfully build your career networking:

  1. The best way to develop a network is to start gaining information about a company by conducting informational interviews with people who are currently working in that field.
  2. Do not take your network for granted instead follow up and always engage with their achievements and efforts.
  3. It is quite important to stay in touch with your network by utilizing a medium that is available to you and ask for their assistance so that you may get quality information relevant to your field.
  4. To achieve success in networking try being a good listener. Many people lack this crucial skill which leads to poor networking.
  5. Make sure you take part in business and social events that will help in building your relevant network.
  6. Build your reputation as a reliable, knowledgeable and supportive person by offering help or valuable information to people who need it.
  7. Always share updated information about your field on your professional social media platforms.
Finally, always show your gratitude and say thank you also don’t forget to help others.

Many of us forget to express appreciation to others. This is the most important thing you can use when building a network with others. It’s a great way to reconnect and make a long term relationship.

You need to keep in mind that building a strong network takes time. Just you will have to invest some effort on a regular basis.

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