How to Write a Winning Resume If You're Working Remotely?


Businesses today tend to hire more freelancers to adapt to the new norm of working remotely. So, as a freelancer, this gives you higher opportunities to get the job you want while working from the comfort of your home, away from the office restrictions.

So, how can you prove your competency as a remote worker?

The first thing that represents you to the employer is your resume, including remote working skills, significant achievements, and reasons you'll be the best fit for the position.

Here are How to Write a job-winning Resume If You're Working Remotely?

  1. Mention that you're working remotely in the first lines
Demonstrate from the start of your resume that you're working remotely and highlight how high performer you are while working from home. Prove to your potential employer that you take your job seriously, and working from home is the commitment for you.

  1. Highlight your achievements
If you have worked remotely before, make sure you mention some of the tasks you have accomplished. In your work experience, highlight the main projects. Know, there should be more show than say in a powerful resume. Describe in depth how the previous work duties were conducted when working from home. Don't forget to mention your current location.

  1. Describe your workable home-office
Mention main clues about your home office environment. These clues will convey your professionalism level. It will also eliminate the stereotypical image of how remote workers work in their pajamas while lying on the couch chatting all day long. For example, mention how you always get in touch with your team using the CRM and online conferencing tools with a high-speed internet connection.

  1. Describe how you communicate with workmates
Your potential employer needs to ensure that you are a team player, even if you're working remotely. In your achievements section, mention a group-centric project that has accomplished big profits for the company.

You will be given an additional advantage by mentioning that you were working with other remote workers. It also indicates that you can do business in the office as well.

  1. Tailor your remote working skills
Sentences like "I've communication skills" and "I'm a teammate" are outdated, and recruiters get frustrated while seeing these buzzwords that are used in thousands of resumes. Instead, demonstrate how your skills will add value to the business. Show how you professionally use video conferencing tools (if your job depends on them) and how you maintain your online brand (if marketing is your job)

Maintain comparison and contrast subjects in the skills section. This comparison will prove that remote working is perfect for you than going to the office. Show how working at home can lead to better job quality compared to the formal workplace.

  1. Update your LinkedIn profile
80% of employers and hiring managers to review your LinkedIn profile before arranging the interview. Ensure that you update your profile with the latest achievements, titles, certificates, and every info that would make you the perfect choice for the position. Don't forget to use the keywords in your headline and summary to ensure ranking in Google.

To wrap things up,

Your job application is your selling copy. You've to write a job-winning resume that includes your unique skills and most significant achievements alongside a powerful cover letter that boost your qualifications to prove that you're a valuable asset who should be hired.

Have you ever worked remotely? Do you think the future will be for working remotely? Please share with us your comments below.  

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