How To Turn INTERVIEW Questions into Success


Many candidates can’t prepare themselves for interviews and thus they may miss a great chance to get new job opportunities, but we will provide you with the interview questions guide to learn how to pass your interviews.

How To Turn INTERVIEW Questions into Success

The most common question: Tell Me About Yourself

You need to give the interviewer much more information about your work experience and the most important thing is “to highlight some skills and work history” which shows that you have the required skills and experience to fit the future job, and if the job required a skill or experience you don’t have you should express that you are flexible enough to learn fast and perform the required roles.

Why Do You passionate about Working at This Company?

You can stand out from the clutter with responding to this question because it shows how you are interested in working for that company by investing your time and effort in researching it enough to know its strengths and future growth opportunities, you can say something like the company has a lot of good reviews and that encourages you to be part of it, positive working environment or choose unique thing to talk about but don’t talk about common reasons like other candidates.

Why Do You Want This Job? Why Should We Hire You?

Guarantee your future job by answering why do you want this job specifically, you should show how you are the right fit for this role by focusing on your top skills and how much your skills and experience match the job requirements to convince the interviewer to hire you, this your great chance to go ahead the interview.    

What Are Your Strengths and Weaknesses?

You only need to show the relevant strengths to the job which can enhance and bolster your position, case studies and stories are the best for focusing on your strengths and how you can handle work situations using your strengths. On the flip side, discussing your weakness is not that hard as you imagine because you can mention your weakness and how you can handle it.

Don’t forget to mention that you are trying to overcome your weakness by taking positive steps into improving your weak points.

The reason behind Leaving Your Current Job?

When answering try to be positive as much as you can, you can mention that you want career growth, enhancing your career path or want to learn new skills and go through challenges and that’s why you need to get their job.

What Are Your Salary expectations?

You must research the job market; ask your colleges or network to discover the average salaries in the market and to know how much salary you should ask for. Salaries also based on experience, skills, education and career level. In case you don’t want this question directly you may ask first about the role details.

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When Can You Start?

Here you must mention your current status if you can start immediately, or need to give notice period to your current company. You should set realistic expectations to let the recruiter take the right decision based on the information you provided.

At the end of the interview don’t hesitate to ask any question if you need more clarification, thank the interviewers for their time, and show your interest in the job.

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