How to start freelance writing with no experience?


Writing is one of the most high-paying jobs that could be easily found in the freelance market. Here are some tips to help you start with zero experience.

1- Write More About All Topics
Do not let yourself be trapped in only one topic or even the same type of topics. Read about various fields and write about them.

2- Build Your Portfolio
Your portfolio is an essential part for you, as a future writer. Build it wisely and choose what you want to show to clients. There are a lot of platforms like contently that most writers put their portfolios on.

3- Create Your Web Presence
Create an online blog and post your pieces on it. Social media platforms are also a suitable environment for writers to promote their work. Trust your writings, and don't be shy of showing them to the world.

4- Reach Out to Your Network
Having a network is very important for any freelancer, especially if you are a writer. Writers always need to be seen by others; connections always help you to be well-known.

5- Set Your Freelance Rates
Every freelancer has specific rates. If you are still a beginner, try not to have extremely high rates until you get more known among writers.

6- Tap into The Freelance Marketplaces
Now it's time for work. Create your profiles on various freelance platforms and start to spread your name among other freelance writers.

7- Grow Your Business
Work more on your writing skills and try to meet your audience's expectations. It's also essential to have a plan and vision for the future.

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