How to Send Your Resume: As a PDF or Word Document?


It could be a challenge to secure a new job. The job search can seem like a simple job application process, passing an interview and getting the job. Searching for a job may seem easy on paper, but it's much more complicated than these 3 steps in reality.

The first and the most ignored step is sending your resume in the right format. You may be surprised now that PDF is not the only accepted resume format. Does this affect the HR decision to hire you?

Yes, the format affects, and there are some distinctions, advantages, and disadvantages of preferring one form more than another.

So, which format should you use? Understanding which scenarios work best makes things more straightforward to select the right format for each job application.

Keep the following tips in mind while deciding the best resume format:

  1. Check the job ad if it requires a particular format, follow it.
  2. Save your resume as a PDF to be read through various systems if you use more old templates, fonts, and word processors.
  3. Sending your resume as a PDF is more professional and more competent.

How to Save the Resume as A PDF or as A Word File?

To save your resume, you've two key options: a PDF or a Word document. There are many ways you can create your resume, whether by writing from scratch or by using ready templates. Most job seekers nowadays go for online resume builders to select a resume style and fill in their details.

You may have limited options for saving a resume while using an online resume builder or template. You can save your resume within certain days, or it will be removed. So, ensure that you utilize your trial days in downloading your resume in every available format so that you could edit easily without missing any details once you need.

When to use a PDF Format?

You want to create a positive impression when submitting your resume to a prospective employer. Sending your resume as a PDF will help ensure that your resume loads correctly and that your future employer quickly reads it with no obstacles.

You don't want to lose everything by sending a stunning resume that doesn't open or shows an error message when the recruiter tries to open it.

Macs and PCs have numerous programs to launch documents, and usually, document formats do not transmit between devices properly, so it's crucial to send your resume as a PDF file.

Besides, there are other considerations why the smart idea is to submit a resume as a PDF. PDFs make it much more challenging to modify your resume, and they also make your resume looks professional.

When to use a Word document?

Employers may also like the resume to have a word document type. If the job ad explicitly demands a version of your CV for a text or word document, do not submit a Pdf version. For the reasons listed, an employer may need a Word document version:

  • Hiring managers may need to edit the resume to take out personal information to make the recruiting process equitable.
  • The company may use old software forms
  • Hiring managers may need to add some notes to your resume that are relevant to your application.
Although the common is having a PDF resume, you should have both versions of your resume, PDF and Word document, for many reasons.

You may experience a frustrating online job application process, and to escape it, you have to type your resume in an online text box. How you'll type all your resume details if it's a PDF? Having a word document will make it easy to copy/paste the content and end this ongoing process.

Moreover, A Word document will make it easy for you to make edits quickly without wasting much time changing your file format and start editing.

Finally, how to Send Your Resume: as a PDF or Word Document?

It can be challenging to write a resume, and it can be challenging to guarantee that it remains in great shape from your machine to your recruiters. It is crucial to know the types of formats you can save your resume, so you can be confident that your hiring manager will use your resume effectively and efficiently.

If you're ever unsure which format is better and the job ad has no specifics, submit it as a PDF. You should proofread your resume and ensure that it is error-free before sending, no matter what its format is, and if you want to submit it as a text document, consider reading it on a different device than the one on which you create it.

With these tips, you'll be confident that you're sending the right resume format, and you'll ensure that you'll shine among other applicants by demonstrating your skills and professionalism.  

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