How to Post Jobs On Free Websites?


Are you ready to post your job to one of the top free job posting sites but don't know how to post?

Here're 3 easy steps to help you post your first job opening successfully.

  1. Create Your Job Description
When the company decides to hire new employees, the recruiter immediately looks for a "ready-made" job description, copy/paste it, and post his vacancy. This may work some years before, but now with the new recruiting technologies, job boards have an integrated feature that detects this as a "duplicate" job posting and automatically rejects it.

Read here to get all the information you need to write a job description that ranks #1 on Google. The ideal job description must also have four main factors: company overview, Expectations, role and responsibility, and benefits.

  1. Select the best free job posting websites
Here's a complete list of the top free job posting boards in 2021.

Testing, tracking, and evaluation is a core marketing tactic. A job advertisement is just a single form of promotion. Perhaps not for advertising, but it has a substantial effect on the company. You should build a list of all the big work boards that represent your business. There are dozens of job posting websites.

Most of these websites are general. Yet, choosing the best industry-specific work board can be an effective way to show off the recruiting brand against competitors and help you in snatching exceptional talents. The more specialized in the business you're in, the more useful it is to choose a specialized job board.

  1. Use the applicant tracking system
Attach the tracking URL to your job posting. Many work boards would require you to add an external URL where the candidate will apply. Don't just give them the exact URL to your relevant page, but instead add the UTM tracking to the post. Drjob has a free job posting tracking tool that enables you to track your job postings without even having your own ATS. This can classify top candidates, filter, and shortlist them.

Example of free job posting sites

Drjob is so famous that you might wonder: is it free to post a job? Yeah, you can get successful applicants from their free work posting choices. If you're curious about how to post a job for free, see our full guide.

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