How to perform your work effectively from home?


Working from home is great from many aspects. It saves time and money, as it can make you happier if you plan it right. Working from home enables you to balance between work and domestic responsibilities at the same time. Working from home is convenient in terms of flexible work times. You can determine the working times where you feel yourself most productive and make the most of it. On the other hand, working from home can turn out to be a disastrous decline in productivity, if not planned well! Being alone, or at least without teammates who can help to soften the pressure of working times passing by, frequent distractions that come from various sources, and time flying rapidly even faster than your control. Here, we’ll help you with certain tips to ensure successful work-productivity from home.

1) Determine all the tasks you’ve to do, and do it

Every day, before you start anything, make a plan that includes the tasks you’ve to do, the duration of each task. As long as you’re sure that you’ll have the tasks done, don’t worry about how many times you’ll be interrupted. Divide your day wisely between work, leisure, and other life issues. Scheduling well and abiding by it will give you sufficient spare time to perform other tasks without affecting your work.

2) Become an actively morning person

Simply, wake up early! An hour in the morning is equal to double or triple of other times in terms of productivity. Waking up and starting your work early will help you to balance between your work and other activities in your life.

3) Dress your best, even if you’re working from home

Follow a regular routine as if you’re going to an office, take a zestful shower and dress well. This will improve your positive feeling, and will prepare you mentally towards your tasks which will make them unconsciously your priority.

4) Designate a certain workspace in your home

Choose a quiet, well-ventilated, well-lighted, and full of stationery and refreshment supplies area in your home and make it as your workplace. A place far from family distractions. This will increase your productivity. Also, tell your family and friends that you’re restricted with determined work-time and have to get your work done. Therefore, no visits nor any kind of distractions are allowed. Re-model your workspace from time to time to increase productivity within your possible budget and the way you like. For example, buy a comfortable business chair, built-in book shelves, and storage cabinets etc.)

5) Limit social media use

Uncontrollable usage of social media accounts during work time is the biggest source of distraction ever. Therefore, set up a determined duration in which you can check-up your social media accounts. For example, 10 minutes every 2 hours. Control yourself from this urge by yourself.

6) Utilize technology means to the fullest

There are many programs, applications, and tools that help in performing your tasks faster and easier. Use the alarms, reminders, to-do-list, calendar etc.

7) Change your work place every time and then

Staying in the same isolated, lonely, and quiet workplace for a long time can cause distraction and mind absence.

8) Deal as if you’re outside your home, working in an office

Don’t answer your home-phone nor open the door during work-times. Moreover, put off all the non-business appointments away from work-times.

9) Take a break!

Take a break every 2 hours or so, even if you just go to the kitchen to have a coffee, or think about any nice thing, just disconnect for few minutes to re-energize and restore concentration.

10) Stop immediately when you’re done

When you finish the tasks you’re supposed to do, or when you end the determined work-time, STOP! Regardless of your progress. Wear you pajama or do anything you like.

Abide by the tips above and enjoy a happy successful work-life from home.

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