How To Negotiate Your Salary Range!


Negotiating a better salary is something we all need to be aware and open to, no matter when was your last time to do so, even if you had never done it before, you need to concentrate the next time you are accepting another job offer and make sure it's not oppressing your skills and value!

We know it gets scary, what if they wouldn't accept?! Or what if I got rejected for just asking for more?! Would I look like a greedy employee?! Am I really worth it or is it just too much?!

Too many questions would come to your mind when it comes to whether to negotiate or not… but here's the thing… first of all they wouldn't offer you the job if they don't really want you there, so you don't have to worry about being rejected after being offered a job … it's called negotiation, not a matter of life or death so calm down hold yourself together and DO IT!

But before jumping with your expectations too high here're some tips for you to do to get the best out of it!

1-Plan Ahead: Plan to negotiate it, no matter what, your employer is expecting you to do so, so be confident and take the shot.

2- Know your worth: before making a huge assumption on your new salary, make your calls, ask your fellow colleagues who work in the same field, what is their salary rate!

3- Don't speak first: when they ask you about your expected salary, tell them you're open to any range, and leave the recruiter to tell you first their range so you won't anchor yourself too low.

4- There's Nothing personal: don't take it personally if they tried to lower your expectation, on the contrary, smile and be professional about it, point out the things that you can do and the amount of responsibility that would be on your shoulders that deserves this salary.

5- Take Your Time: it's so common to ask for 24 hours or even 72 hours to think this offer over, let them know your excited for the role and you actually PREFER this one over, but you have another offers to think about, let them know you're wanted in the field!

Last but not least always put in mind that your current salary would increase annually by ONLY 3% so that's why you need to FAIR to yourself and make sure you're taking what you're worth! Don't be shy and scared just do it, don't underestimate yourself … and always keep in mind, you deserve what you're worth!

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