How To Negotiate Salary: 10 Tips You Need To Know


How To Negotiate Salary -  Congratulations on your new job offer! You probably have worked hard to get it in the first place.

Now it’s time for you to decide if this offer is good for you or not. One of the factors that help you choose is the salary.

What if you like the whole job offer except the salary? How can you negotiate it successfully? How do you get over the nervousness of facing an employer?

Most candidates and employees ask themselves the previous questions whenever they receive a new job offer.

Dr. Job Pro is here today to tell you about ten tips on how to negotiate salary.

1- Do your research

Every industry has its range of salaries based on the experience and the qualifications of every employee.

It’s essential to do your research before negotiating with the employer. It helps you know which salary you deserve based on your skills.

You can do that by checking other similar companies in the same field or even ask Google.

Moreover, networking with employees would help you figure out the most suitable salary range for you.

2- Pay attention to the impression you give

Make sure to negotiate politely and calmly without sounding rude or greedy. Employers will only insist on you if they like you enough.

It’s necessary to express your point of view clearly without going into any kinds of clashes. Illustrate why they should increase the salary offer by introducing logical opinions.

Practicing with a friend or a family member helps a lot with evaluating the impression you give.

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3- Consider the benefits you receive

There’s a bunch of things that you should consider when thinking of a job salary, like the work location and the insurance or any other perks you receive.

For example, if the workplace is far from your home, you’d require transportation or financial compensation for the money you spend to get to the workplace every day.

4- Write down your talking points

Getting prepared is extremely important when you negotiate salary. It helps you organize your thoughts and illustrate your arguments clearly.

Ask yourself specific questions and answer them. For example, “Why do you deserve this salary? Which skills do you have? How would you benefit the company?”

5- Show gratitude

Start your salary negotiation by showing appreciation and gratitude for the employer and the offer. That helps you establish a positive tone while negotiating your salary.

Please don’t start with complaining or objection, as it won’t help with giving a good impression about you or achieving your goal.

Moreover, starting with positive words motivates the employer to listen to your arguments and accept them.

6- Be honest and straightforward

Building trust between you and the employer is essential.

It’s always better to be realistic and straightforward about your experience, qualifications, and skills.

Remember that building a good reputation for yourself is a priority. It’s never only about winning the negotiation. Think of long-term results and consequences.

7- Know your value

Some people keep underestimating themselves, although they are one of the most qualified candidates.

Sometimes anxiety and low self-esteem can affect your professional life negatively. Whenever you have negative thoughts about yourself, remind it of your achievements and qualifications.

Be confident about your abilities and show that in your attitude.

8- Communicate through phone or face to face

It’s not the best choice to negotiate salary by sending e-mails. A phone call or face-to-face meeting would be better means of communication.

Communication is not only about words themselves, but it also includes the tone of voice and the way of talking.

Furthermore, you can clarify your point of view better through the phone or a face-to-face meeting.

9- Choose the right time for the negotiation

One of the main factors that help with achieving your goal is timing. Make sure to choose a suitable time for both you and the employer.

Asking the employer about a suitable time for them shows how much you care about the job and respect them.

Moreover, you need to be in a good state when you get to negotiate salary, so pick a suitable time for you also.

10- Get mentally ready

We understand that negotiating a salary might be a pressuring process for a lot of people. Would you please try to calm yourself down and get ready for it?

Make sure to stay hydrated and breathe deeply. Also, remember that it’s your right to request the salary you deserve.

In conclusion,

it’s not easy for everybody to negotiate salary once they receive their job offer. However, it’s your right to request the pay you deserve. Following the previous tips will help you get the salary you need. Dr. Job Pro wishes you the best of luck.