How to make a perfect ESL teacher


The world has lately demanded more ESL teachers according to the students’ numbers, but is teaching an easy job?
The answer is no. It takes a lot of qualifications to be a good ESL teacher, as you would have to deal with many issues during your job. A teacher could be 100% academically qualified but lacks a lot of different qualities that should exist. This post will show you some of the tips that will help you through your teaching career.

1- Set classroom rules
It is necessary to make rules for the classroom from the very first session. Let your students decide their own rules and only be a way of guidance for them. Moreover, you can show them an example by setting rules for yourself first. Doing that would let them realize that rules are acceptable and that it is not a method of limiting their freedom. Talk to them about the importance of this action and how it is a way to make things more organized and more manageable.

2- Communicate
Ask them about themselves and their life purposes. You can initiate by talking about yours first, and they will follow. It would be cool if you made them understand that the classroom is not only for learning English but also for expressing their thoughts. Let your door always open for their questions. Creating this healthy learning environment would help them enjoy the process of learning more.

3- Consider cultural backgrounds

Your class probably will have diverse students. Every one of them would belong to a different place with a different culture. They may not get many things related to the English culture because they do not have equivalents for them in their languages. You can show them examples through different mediums like videos, photos, and stories. By involving them in a new culture, you let them explore a whole new world, encouraging them to learn.

4- Set their inner teachers free

Everyone has an inner teacher who doesn’t come out until there’s a chance. Your students also would love to use their urge to teach from time to time. Allow your students to acknowledge their hidden abilities. Let them co-operate and help each other, and it would boost their self-confidence. Making your students dependent on you would not allow them to grow and explore their abilities. You can only be a good observant and save the situation when going in the wrong way.

5- Initiate conversations in English
Sometimes your students wouldn’t be comfortable with speaking English because of the idea of making mistakes. You may suggest exciting topics to discuss in the class and let them be more involved. Break the stereotype about making mistakes and tell them that it is a part of the learning process. There are plenty of conversation activities and games that you can search for. Eventually, remind them that growing requires patience and practice.

If you are an ESL teacher, share your experience with us.

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