How to Job Search During Ramadan?


Every year, we have a generous guest called "Ramadan." When Ramadan arrives, and as with any other guest, specific changes happen. The changes that come with Ramadan transform all around as you suddenly change your lifestyle, starting from your sleeping hours to your working hours. That may leave you stressed as you don't have enough power to job search during Ramadan.

Recruiters and top managers are not away from these changes also. Ramadan, for most of them, is a time to take a "break." That means a slower or no recruiting process for businesses and organizations.

Slowing down or delaying the hiring activity may aggravate job seekers who are actively looking for work. It may also be perplexing for those who want to begin searching for work. As a result, questions such as "Should I start after Ramadan?" arise.

Although some job seekers see Ramadan as a hindrance, it's the perfect time to be the "ideal candidate." Being "the ideal candidate" means you've maximized your efforts to increase the chances of landing the position you seek. So, how can you job search like a pro and get the job you want this Ramadan?

Here are few tips to help you get the most out of your job search this Ramadan:

Apply After Iftar

A man searching for job openings in Ramadan
Between Iftar and Taraweeh prayers, almost 2 hours are typically squandered sitting in front of the TV or sleeping. After you've had a proper iftar meal and are well hydrated, these two hours are the ideal time to apply for jobs because: your body is finally regaining energy after a long day of fasting, and it will be your daily routine for 30 days. Isn't enough to get a job?

Delay Watching TV

A man watching TV and he is not looking for Ramadan jobs
Ramadan is associated with new TV series. We recognize the thrill of seeing these shows during Ramadan, as they become the social media trends (Have you posted the Amir Karara's trending sentence: kuta'a, kush, kusl (in English=Handless, disabled, lazy persons) or not yet?). However, we now live in a time where everybody has access to streaming services. You can watch all the series after Ramadan or during a specific free time only. Utilize your time in job hunting as most of the job seekers become slow during this month, so the competition is less.

Search for A Job Smartly

A man searching for a job during the holy month of Ramadan
Being smart is essential to ensure a successful job hunting process. "Organisation" is the keyword for any smart job hunting. Being organized will help you maximize your job applications effectively as you'll be able to tailor your resume to meet the requirements of every job and employer. It will also help you watch the results and learn from your mistakes.

Update Your Resume

A man updating his resume/cv to apply for jobs in UAE during Ramadan
One resume fits all will not work in today's competitive job market where recruiters automate their hiring processes and have robust talent pools. You've to update your resume every 6 months to ensure that you've added your latest achievements, courses, promotions, etc. A good resume is searchable, downloadable, and ATS-friendly. If you don't know how to create a professional resume, Read Drjobpro Tips.

Build Your Brand

A man building his brand in UAE in Ramadan
Since most hiring managers use social media to attract the best talent for their organization, you must have a solid digital presence. Consider how you want to be seen online and work to identify your identity – what is your selling point. You will sell it through your resume, social media platforms, and interviews.

Recommendations and online presence play an important role in hiring nowadays as they're perfect ways to reduce the hiring costs and prove the candidate's qualifications.

So, your popularity and online identity are your representatives.

Identify Your Unique Selling Point

USP in Ramadan
Successful job seekers are those how can identify their USP. They understand who they are, their talents, and how much value they can bring to any company. They have listed their top skills, one-of-a-kind expertise, gifts, and accomplishments. They are aware of their interpersonal qualifications and distinguishing personality characteristics.

Understanding how to combine all these factors will help you shine among the crowd as you'll sell yourself online/offline.

To sell yourself as an asset to the target companies, you've to identify your unique selling point, understand their needs, be a good communicator, and have enough self-confidence.

Tailor Your Job Search Plan

Man planning for his job search journey
Create a tailored career hunting strategy and keep your eye on the job at hand. Creating a list of particular positions, companies, or industries will assist you in identifying roles for which you are eligible and involved. Conducting research allows you to tailor your applications and demonstrates to recruiters that you pay attention to the details.

Utilize Your Networks

networks can get you a job in Ramadan
Sending job applications is essential, but it's also vital to know how to build more professional relationships to reach out to companies and be the first to know about the job even before posting it. That is the "hidden jobs." Online platforms like LinkedIn can significantly help you achieve this as you'll easily reach recruiters at your target companies. Being in Ramadan opens the door for many gatherings; attend social gatherings like "Iftar parties" you don't know where your next employer may be.

Clean Up Your Social Media Platforms

Cleaning social media accounts can get you a job in Ramadan
Only around 20% of jobs are posted. Recruiters try to reach the perfect fit before posting the job, so you have to maintain outstanding social media accounts to outstand among others. Utilize the reduced working hours during Ramadan to clean up and update your social media accounts; pay special attention to your LinkedIn as it's your online resume, portfolio, and competency proof.

You can easily show how you are a top performer who adds value to any position by posting your latest achievements, certificates, and events you attend on your social media as you're an "investment" to the company, and they want to see how profitable you'll be.

Don't Lose Passion

A passionate man towards his job search
Job searching is a job itself; you've to exert an effort to see the results. Keep on job hunting during Ramadan using job search websites, companies' websites, LinkedIn, and any other way you think will be helpful. Sometimes, you may feel less motivated or distracted by family visits, endless TV series, the changed lifestyle, but you've to learn how to stay on course.

Getting in touch with other job seekers who are in a similar situation will be a big motivator.

Sharpen Your Skills

Multitasking in Ramadan
Be a self-motivator and try not to be affected by the general atmosphere. Attend online courses or join workshops – any improvement will give your career a boost. Any potential employer will undoubtedly value your attempts to improve your skills.

Ask for Early Interviews

Job interview in Ramadan
No doubt, after conducting the right job search strategy, you'll receive job interview invitations. To ensure being active and fresh, ask the recruiter to schedule it as early as possible. Researchers have found that dehydration can reduce brain performance by up to 40%. You can also ask for a "virtual interview" to avoid being in the street as it's hot and sunny.

Don't forget to follow up

Following up with recruiters in Ramadan
After Eid Al-Fitr is the perfect time to follow up with recruiters, send follow-up emails to each company you've applied for a job at it during Ramadan.

Hiring will return to normal when business resumes. Reaching the recruiters during a slow downtime will make your name memorable when they start their hiring processes again.

Take A Step Ahead

Companies hiring in Ramadan
During Ramadan, the effort you exert will set the tune of your job search during the next few months as companies will start hiring and searching for the best fits for their openings. The summer season is the peak of recruitment in the Gulf and the Middle East.

When started early with an organized plan, the job hunting process can be very successful during Ramadan. Recruiters want to ensure that their candidates get in the door at the right moment. You'll be amazed by how much response you can get by applying for jobs when others don't.

Ramadan can be a difficult time for job seekers. However, with perseverance and determination, it can also be an excellent time to shine among the crowd taking time off.

Moreover, laying the groundwork during Ramadan will pave the way for fruitful job searching and getting your dream job. Starting the job search during Ramadan will serve as a jumping-off point for interviews during the summer.