How to impress in an interview?


Clearing an interview could be an uphill task for most of us. But there are some tried and tested ways that can help impress interviewers like anything. Of course, knowing your work and being aware is obviously required but below points can also be kept in mind while preparing for an interview. 

  • Prepare - Prepare for the interview properly. Check company details, senior management. Read the job description carefully and also prepare the replies for the possible questions. 
  • Dress Smartly - Formals or smart casuals are advisable. Don’t wear flashy clothes. Light makeup also helps in making you look presentable. 
  • Be early - Reaching the interview spot early didn’t harm anyone. In fact,  it helps in getting comfortable with the surroundings. 
  • Bring your CV – Always carry a copy of your CV. 
  • Switch off your phone - Phone calls and messages can be distractive. 
  • Smile - Smiling face and a pleasing personality leaves a positive impression on people. 
  • Watch your body language - One must always watch their body language, sitting properly, straight, a little smile is advisable. Throwing hands in the air and casual attitude isn’t considered professional. 
  • Write notes - You can also make notes, while the interviewer is trying to explain to you about the company. This can add to your knowledge and will also leave the impression that you are interested to know about the company. Writing down notes will also help you in asking questions. 
  • Ask Questions - If you have come prepared and have made notes, you will be able to ask questions.
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