How To Handle A coffee Shop Interview: 7 Golden Tips


A coffee shop interview is more of an informal discussion about the job opportunity; even so, it has its etiquette and rules to leave a good first impression for your employer and get your dream job.

A coffee Shop Interview

Why do companies choose it?

1- The company’s culture

Some companies follow an informal and friendly culture. A coffee shop interview is an initiate representation of who they are and how they deal with their potential employees.

2- Test your attitude

It’s necessary for a lot of workplaces to know if your personality is going to go along with them or not. A coffee shop is the best place for them to know about your actual character, as it’s a comfortable place where you can’t fake your behaviors a lot.

3- It’s the first step

Sometimes a coffee shop interview is just a first step before going for a formal one. Many employers would like to get to know their candidates first in an informal atmosphere. If they both got along, the hiring moves to a further step.

A coffee Shop Interview

How can you slay a coffee shop interview?

1- Be professional

We realize how much it’s hard to keep your professionalism at a reasonable level while being in a coffee shop interview. Nevertheless, it’s still a job interview where you should act professionally.

It’s essential to leave an excellent first impression on your employer. Set your mobile phone on silent mode, sit politely, and pay attention to your body language.

Eating in a coffee shop interview is not preferable, as it distracts you from your main goal and is also not entirely appropriate.

2- Bring required documents

Don’t forget about the needed documents for your coffee shop interview.

You can bring a small notebook for writing notes. Your resume is also essential for a coffee shop interview. If you have a portfolio of your previous works, don’t hesitate to bring it along with you.

Additionally, bringing job references is a good idea. If you have a business card, introduce it to the employer with a smile.

Don’t just bring one copy of each document. Be careful to make various copies.

Taking all of that effort to bring all the documents with you shows your employer how much you are organized and keen on getting the job opportunity.

3- Pick the right place

Place choice has a significant effect on your performance in the coffee shop interview.

If your interviewer doesn’t choose the place themselves, the choice is up to you.

Try to pick a calm, comfortable, and cozy place. Good lighting is also a vital factor, as it affects the concentration and the mood of you and the interviewer.

Some other times, the interviewer picks the place. Make sure of the location before going. For example, ask them to specify which branch exactly of Starbucks you’re going to have the interview in.

Moreover, you can check the interview place a day before to make sure that it’s suitable and comfortable enough. Ask the employer to change the location if you don’t like it.

4- Choose a suitable outfit

A coffee shop interview is the best place to show your most elegant outfit, but do not choose inappropriate colors or styles of clothes.

Wearing a smart casual outfit is a great idea, as you get to feel comfortable and look formal enough for a job interview.

Make sure that your clothes are neat and ironed. You don’t want to leave a wrong first impression. Don’t forget to comb your hair and for girls, you can wear simple make-up.

It’s necessary to put a lot of effort into choosing your coffee shop interview outfit, as it shows how much you are keen on getting the job.

5- Do enough research

A coffee shop interview mostly has the same questions as a normal one. You can read about common interview questions and prepare answers for them.

Being prepared decreases a lot of anxiety and helps you focus on getting the job. You can also do rehearsals at home with your family or with your friends.

Additionally, collect information about the company. Get their website or LinkedIn page and read about it thoroughly.

You can know more about its culture, history, and achievements. Furthermore, please read the job description well and learn more about it.

Knowing previously about your interviewer is so beneficial also. It helps you read their personality early and makes you avoid the anxiety of the anonymous.

6- Arrive early

As a candidate, you should be punctual for your interview appointment. Arriving late would leave a wrong impression on you and get the interviewer mad.

Once you arrive, pick a suitable spot. It should be calm and isolated as much as possible.

Please don’t order a drink before they arrive. Wait for your employer to order coffee together.

Please keep your eyes on the door to notice once they enter the coffee shop.

If you don’t know how they look, search for their LinkedIn profile before getting to the coffee shop to avoid any embarrassment.

7- Don’t get distracted

A coffee Shop Interview
Public places and especially coffee shops can distract you from your interview easily. So make sure to stay focused.

If the music is annoying you, talking to the place’s manager is an option. They can turn it down for a bit of time until you’re done with your interview.

There are also many people around who are talking, laughing, and yelling, which you cannot control.

Try your best to focus on the employer and isolate your mind from all of the noise around you.

In conclusion,

A coffee shop interview is a brilliant idea, but it can also be harmful to both the candidate and the employer. To avoid any inconvenience, follow the previous rules and be confident about yourself.