How to Get a Job in The UAE in 30 Minutes?


Searching for a job during this crucial period is the most stressful, disappointing, frustrating, and time-consuming task.

You spend days and days filling out applications, emailing resumes, making phone calls. Also, you are trying to reach your potential employers with no reply from their side, typing tens of " interested" comments on all social media platforms, and even visiting the companies yourself to ask if they have a suitable vacancy. Undoubtedly, all these fruitless trials will leave you feeling down, discouraged, and unappreciated.

I still remember the moment when I was jobless, waking up every morning with that hopeless feeling that this is another day of searching for a job, and it may not be the last day. So, I decided to share this article with you today in a trial to save some of you away from that depressing feeling due to the job loss and to turn your sleepless nights, that employment brings with it, into comfortable nights.

Whether you're pressured to leave your toxic work environment, or you're unemployed searching for a job, all your efforts will not go in a vain after reading this.

It's very simple! Register to and discover what you can do to get a job in 30 minutes.

How can I register?

1-Visit the website, and Click the " Register" button.

2- Select Your Provider and fill out your Mobile No. and Email Address cells.

3- After receiving your OTP, it's almost Done.

Now, you have successfully registered and can start your 30 minutes' tour to get a job.

What will you do during the remaining minutes?

Fill out Your "Profile Set Up" with your name, contact info, experience, key skills, and Upload your ATS resume.

Check how you can tailor your resume to be ATS-friendly.

Once updating your profile information, Drjob will do it automatically for you.

By simple clicks, you can reach the goal:

1- Follow your potential Employers and receive real-time notifications when they post new vacancies.

2- Search among thousands of jobs categorized by Country, city, nationality, and skills.

3- Turn on notifications to get notified with the latest openings in your industry.

What will Drjob do exclusively for you?

1-All the time On-track, we will keep you on track with the latest job vacancies in UAE; Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman, Umm Quwain, Fujairah.

2- Full access to top companies' databases, you can search for diverse job opportunities through our high-tech search engine.

3- Premium services, enjoy professional CV writing, career tips, interview preparation, and hiring at the top companies.

4- Video Cv. Exclusive Service, record your cv as a video to highlight your skills. To showcase your skills for your potential employer while demonstrating your technical, presentation, and communication skills.

5- Salary Calculation, Know your worth instantly with our free salary estimator that takes into account your expertise, skillset, and location.

6- Recommended Job matches, to widen your search list and let you apply directly to the right job.

7- Profile performance indicator, to get notified with the latest profile views, connections, applied job status, etc.

What else?

  • Daily job openings notifications by mail.
  • Professional Resume tailored for every job.
  • Direct contact with the Top businesses.
  • Jobs tracking and reminder Tools.
  • 24/7 customer service support team (Email support, phone support, and social media support)
  • Resume SEO experts to help you be on the radar of the hiring managers.
The surprise is yet to come; all these benefits are for 2.00 AED/Day.

Finally, Searching for a job doesn't have to be all day nightmare, we understand your job hunting needs, and we will offer the best Employment solutions to you. Put aside all your frustrations and always remember that "Every experience in your life is being orchestrated to teach you something you need to know to move forward."

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