How to find a career that makes you happy?


For the majority of us, work is an inevitable unpleasant part of our life; we’ve to work so as to live. But, how is it with people working in careers they don’t like or not inspired by?! It’s no wonder to wake up dreading to head to the office with stomach pains. It’s fine and familiar, you’re not alone in this way! But wait a minute, do you know that you can find your way back? Yes, you can wake up every morning going to do the work you love and getting paid for it. This is not a dream, it’s a fact! All what you’ve to do is to be patient, persistent, and follow the steps I will give you.

How to find a career that makes you happy?

Most importantly, be honest with yourself! Although it sounds easy, but in fact it’s not! Stop pretending that you like your job, confront the causes of your negative directly and now instead of holding off on this step, so as to build a real satisfying career life, not fighting with a fake happy career life. Therefore, admit that you’ve a problem and you’re not happy. Secondly, determine the skills you perfect and what are the hobbies and tasks you’re passionate about. Also, define your needs or aspirations in terms of money, travel, place of work, and where do you want to be in 10 or 20 years. However, at the beginning of your career life, it’s ok to switch jobs until you find the industry in which you blossom.

Don’t say I can’t change my career, because it’s my parents’ dream to see me as an engineer for example, or I should be thankful to the job I’m in now even if I don’t like it, at least it gives me good money and benefits. Instead, listen to your inner gut! Try to make yourself happy regardless of anything else. If you’re not happy, it’s simply because you’re not working hard to make yourself happy. Don’t ever force yourself into a job you don’t like. Talk to yourself, ((I think I should be….If I had the chance and circumstances were by my side, I would have (state 3 things you could do or be instead 1. 2. 3. ), and state the reasons for why you want to be so.)) This will enable you to evaluate yourself honestly in terms of commitments. You’ll start to clearly figure out your priorities which will in return recharge your energy.

Now that you’ve followed the previous 2 steps; state what really motivates you, and do a little of that every day. Remember, small accurate steps are better than big overnight changes even if they sound fascinating.

The fact of spending more than half of your day with the surrounding colleagues, reflects the urge to find good people to work with. Here, I don’t mean funny people whom you can laugh with, but rather a motivated well-skilled people who stir up your sense of challenge and impulse to improve. Also, search for people who are willing to help in case of any question you need, or problem you face. People who take from their own time to explain for you the dynamics and power players you need to follow.

Spend some time practicing the requirements of your “desired job”, work on projects you expect to do in your new job, then ask yourself: (are you enjoying what you’re doing?). If not, then repeat all the 5 steps again

  1. Know what you want and stop pretending
  2. Form your career life to fit your desire not the desire of others
  3. Start the journey of change gradually and in small steps
  4. Build relationships with people who are working in the field you love
  5. Act as if you got the job

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