How to facilitate your return to work after maternity leave?


All working women who ended their maternity leave, enter into endless conflict of emotions when it’s time to resume their work regularly. They feel sad for leaving their toddlers behind, anxious about leaving their child of someone else even if they’re specialized in child education, and worried about this new transition and how they will balance between work and general life with a new-born baby who will ruin their sleeping routine which will affect their work-productivity adversely. These are ordinary feelings, according to researches that prove that return to work for many women happens sooner than their readiness. In this article, we’ll guide you to achieve smooth transitioning to your work.

  1. Ask yourself if you can handle resigning?
  2. Make sure that your child is being taken good care of!
  3. Be patient and logical
  4. Ask if you can work from home
  5. Take support from other working moms
  6. Express your needs clearly
  7. Assign certain timings to pump out breast milk
  8. Don’t forget to make time for yourself, even among the bundle of responsibilities
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