How to end up with a job you love


Job Search is not an easy process. It’s not just about finding any job, but rather it’s finding a job that is perfect fit for you now and ahead. In addition, if you picked a wrong job vacancy, you’ll end up having to start the stressful time-consuming process of finding a job all over again and you’ll be worried about the employers counting on you as a job hopper which is not a positive credit to include in your resume. So, it’s best to spend your time wisely trying to obtain the right job from the time you start job hunting. Here are 5 essential steps on how you can solve the equation.

1-Make a match

  • Determine your skills, experience, and interests then use the job search engines to search for jobs that match them.
  • If you don’t know what you want to work, take a career quiz or counsel a career coach to help you stand on the right track.

2-Widen your scoop

Use connections on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other networking sites to see the people you may know at the company. Try to have pieces of information about the company and the job vacancy offered. Also, check the company’s LinkedIn page and the other social media profile of the company to gather information.

3-Dual importance of interviews

As it is valuable for you to interview the company, it’s valuable for them too to interview you. So, be prepared to answer interview questions (see the article of the most asked questions in interviews) and make a list of the questions you want to ask the company as your questions are the most essential part of the interview.

4-Read about the company’s background

No matter how the job vacancy sounds terrific, you should look up the company’s background and dive through its internal ambiance. For example, is the administration too formal or too casual?! Try as much as possible to know the general insiders of the company.

5-Make sure the job vacancy is perfect

  • After looking up for the company’s details, evaluate the job offer carefully. Ask yourself, do I really want this job? Will I be happy waking up daily to do it? Will it boost my career? Is this the salary I want? If not, can I negotiate for a higher salary? Are the employee benefits sufficient for your needs? How is the work schedule and work time hours?
  • If there was anything you’re not sure about, think twice before saying yes. Finally, always remember there is no 100% perfect job.

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