How to apply for an internship?


Are you a fresh graduate without any practical experience? Are you still in school? What are you waiting for? Internship is your way to construct your qualifications and experiences. Internship develops your skills and enhances your chance of landing a better position. As for university students, internship is a very beneficial chance for you to apply the practical scope of your theoretical studies. In some cases, it can help you decide whether to stay in your major or change your educational path. Generally, the sooner you start your internship, the better prepared you’ll be for your career life. Internship could potentially lead to a positive reference letter, a more influential resume, and a better future job.

Here are 8 beneficial tips:

1) Determine your purpose from the internship

Aside from the fact that internship may be a compulsory graduation requirement in some majors, you’ve to determine your tangible needs and benefits you want to have from this opportunity.

2) Build, Update, and double check your resume

Create a professional resume and consult a professional expert for a feedback. For your resume is your mirror in the practical field. The way you present it influence the employer strongly. Make sure it’s updated, includes your relevant skills and experience, and most importantly, make sure it’s free of grammar and spelling errors.

3) Enhance your online presence

You should enhance your professional online presence. Use professional personal photo, and make sure that the photo and the activities on your social media accounts are not publicly visible. Also, create a resume based profiles on professional platforms like LinkedIn and DrJobs and update them consequently. Finally, develop interconnected network with companies and organizations of your interest.

4) Utilize all the surrounding resources available

Ask multiple references (friends, family, university professors etc.) for available internship chances of your field of interest. Even if they couldn’t benefit you directly, they can advise you on how to find it. In addition, research the websites of the companies you may be interested in working with. Email your resume to their HR so that you can be considered for current and future internship opportunities.

5) Apply as early as possible and follow up

In order to increase your choices of landing your preferable internship opportunity as recruiters receive tons of applications that should be entirely processed, start applying for your internship as early as 6 months prior to the assumed date of enrollment. In addition, abiding by the deadline of submitting the application is crucial. Also, don’t forget to follow-up politely if you didn’t receive any response within 3-4 weeks.

6) Apply for several internship vacancies

Applying to as many chances as possible ensures you to find a suitable internship for you. Track your applications by creating a spreadsheet that includes job title, company name, job post URL, and the date of application. This will make it easier for you.

7) Prepare for an influential impressive interview

Dress conservatively and professionally. Also, make sure to arrive on time. It should go without saying that asking questions demonstrates your interest in the position and company. For instance, ask about the company’s strategy and their expectations from an intern. Likewise, you should be prepared to answer the most frequently asked questions like:

• Tell me about yourself

• What are you passion about?

• Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

• Why did you choose this major?

• What makes you different or special?

• What do your skills bring to the table?

Try to answer in a way that demonstrates you clearly in front of the interviewer. Train yourself well in front of the mirror or with a friend for few times, so as to be more confident.

8) Try to land full-time positions

Internship doesn’t mean a permanent stay at the company. However, it’s ok if you ask about this issue either in the interview or when you get the internship opportunity, as this shows your interest in joining the company permanently which will encourage the company to consider hiring you for a full-time position.

9) Be flexible with the appointed missions

As an intern, undesired tasks may be appointed to you such as entering data into spreadsheets, making cold calls, or simply tasks that nobody in the office want to do. Interns should clarify to the employer that it’s ok for them to do grunt work and they’re flexible with the organization’s needs.

Finally, always put in mind that the internship is a professional learning experience regardless of its type. It will support you with many irreplaceable skills. However, your first internship opportunity doesn’t have to be at an ideal company neither performing interesting tasks. It’s only the accumulated experiences that will make you land your dream job and achieve your aspirations.

DrJobs wishes you the best of luck!

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