How to Answer "Do You Consider Yourself Successful?" Without Feeling showy


There should be no shame in accepting success. If you are successful you are, no doubts about it but being successful isn’t enough. Once you have achieved your targets working towards broader goals is also important. 

Here are some pointers that will help in talking about your success in front of others: 

  • Say Yes, Confidently - There should be no qualms about saying yes if someone questions you about your success. 
  • Highlight Specific Achievements - Talk about the major achievements and turning points in your career. 
  • Talk About the Process - There’s always a process that’s followed to achieve goals. Talking about a strategic approach creates a different impression on others. 
  • Don't Forget Your Team - Behind every successful person is their team, it’s a team’s effort that makes the team leader successful. So, never forget to talk about your team’s contribution to your success. 
  • Plan Ahead - Staying on top is one thing but surviving on top is the most difficult thing. Once you achieve your goals, it’s imperative to plan ahead and think about future goals. 
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