How Can Volunteering Help You Score Your Next Job Title?


Today, "Volunteering" is a buzzword - Whether heard on the news, daily conversations, or even a posted advertisement on a random electricity pole down the street.

Volunteering is usually associated with the act of giving back to the community at no charge from your end, and this could be discouraging at times for people looking to get hired right away and start getting paid.

Indeed, You will be mainly carrying out tasks to aid the growth of a specific project or assist in mentoring people in need.

What you need to do is to think of the bigger picture here - When you do volunteering, it will not just add an extra set of hands to help out at your local or favorite charity shop.

You will enhance your communication skills, work for a cause or purpose, and meet new people which is also part of expanding your social network.

That's why you 'shouldn't look at volunteering as a waste of time - Think of it as your boosting ticket on the way to recruitment city.

While volunteering offers many aspects of skills and acumen sharpening. Admittedly, it will significantly help you cultivate the strong foundation that contributes to making your resume look full and appealing to employers.

What are the key perks of doing volunteer work?

  1. Expanding your network
  2. Developing new skills
  3. Boosting self-confidence
  4. Making Your Resume Stand out from the crowd

#1 Expanding Your Network

It is not inconceivable that individuals who participate in volunteering or volunteer labor work, have a higher chance of meeting and interacting with new people than those who have taken life as a full-time chill.

This can present the right place and time for you to make new acquaintances, friendships, and ultimately, professionals working in your volunteering space.

Where they might endorse and even refer you to potential employers within their network for future employment opportunities.

#2 Developing New Skills

To help out your local charity center or participate in conducting training sessions for individuals will surely aid you in acquiring new skills.

Additionally, it provides hands-on experience in management and communication skills.

Management skills can be of great presence and much more evident in long-term projects - Where a structural approach is taken.

Having said that, whether you'll be supervised or in the supervision of other volunteers, you'll accumulate valuable management skills to impress your next employer.

#3 Boosting Self-Confidence

Have you ever tried the good feeling of riding a bike for the very first time? Or done your driving test and passed?

Oh yes, it's that satisfactory feeling of accomplishment!

So besides giving back to the community and contributing to the cause you and fellow volunteers of similar mindsets are fighting for.

What truly is just as important, is YOU. Have you noticed how confident you've become at the end of the project?

Volunteering is one of these deliverables that once you accomplish them, you'll feel brighter and prouder of yourself. As you've acted upon the team's beliefs to make a change in people's lives positively.

#4 Making Your Resume Stand out from the Rest

A mention of your experience in previous volunteering work in your resume is a cheerful and solid presence when applying for jobs.

It will undoubtedly enhance and enrich your resume's quality, as volunteerism is considered actual work experience.

What's more, including key skills acquired from a particular volunteering program or campaign can help persuade potential employers to consider your application.

Essentially, when mentioning your volunteering experience in your resume, you should never say, for example, "I have volunteered in meals distribution in my city."

Instead, if you were in charge of several or even a couple of volunteers throughout a volunteering program period, you can mention the title of the job you were carrying out during that time.

You'll be aiming to mention your volunteering experience as such: "Management responsibilities of a small team for a long-term food distribution program."

And try as much as possible not to provide any misleading information regarding your gained experience from volunteering.  

After you've come across this article and learned all the good stuff volunteering has to offer you; you'll consider it as a vital checkpoint to undertake. Doing so will go a long way and teach you invaluable knowledge and experience, giving you an edge over other job seekers.

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