Google Jobs: 7 Tips To Get A Job At Google On Its 23rd Birthday


Today the 27th of September, 2021, is the 23rd birthday of Google.

Google LLC is a global technology corporation based in the United States of America specializing in Internet-related services.

Many people aspire to work for Google because it is a prominent company with an enviable reputation and accomplishments.

With over one million people applying for every open position, being hired at Google is nearly impossible. However, it's possible.

Dr. Job Pro discusses today seven tips to help you get your dream job at Google.

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1- Use networking

To begin, your best opportunity is through an introduction from someone in your network. That is not guaranteed to be interviewed, but networking is always the most effective approach to obtaining employment since employers trust you more when you are referred.

Therefore, begin by scanning your connections (preferably on LinkedIn, where you can view their current and previous employment) to determine who has a current or previous relationship with Google.

The most effective technique to contact someone you haven't spoken with in a long time is to ask a question. Never initiate a request for a considerable favor; this will result in your message being removed.

2- Create an outstanding resume

A basic CV will not earn you a Google interview. Given the competitive nature of getting a job at Google, you'll need a CV that's ideally tailored to the position for which you're applying.

Additionally, ensure that you discuss your accomplishments in previous jobs, not simply what you were accountable for.

3- Don't give up

Google may not employ you on your first attempt due to the high level of difficulty in getting hired.

Be patient, then. If you don't get noticed straight away, reapply after six months.

And don't forget to apply even if you're already employed somewhere else. Companies are more interested in hiring those who are already employed.

That means that you attempt to land a job with Google but are unsuccessful in the unlikely event. More Google positions will be available in six months or one year from now if you wait that long to apply.

You may have been rejected for a position in the past, but that doesn't imply you won't be retaken into consideration in the future.

It's possible they felt your CV was strong, but they also received a couple of others that were a better fit.

Another possibility is that the team required a more senior member, but the team has grown and now needs more junior-level employees since then.

Keep applying and networking if you want to work at Google since you never know what could happen if you stop after one or two applications.

4- Emphasize work experience

Pay attention to the work experience you've already gained. Almost all of Google's employment postings need some college education. However, having a long list of academic accomplishments isn't the only thing that counts when applying to Google, and the company's professional background is highly valued.

When submitting your résumé and application, make sure to underline your relevant work experience, particularly any relevant internships or volunteer positions. You may or may not be able to provide information about your portfolio, depending on your situation.

5- Initiate communication

Contact a Google employee to learn more about career opportunities. Google prefers to put together a team that is self-starting and proactive. Using a professional networking platform such as LinkedIn to contact a Google recruiter shows this quality from the start.

The recruiter may retain your resume on file even if they don't have any current opportunities.

6- Exhibit mastery in different skills

Show that you are knowledgeable in a variety of areas. Even though Google employees are supposed to have diverse talents and interests, each is expected to have a specialization.

A product marketing manager may also have a rudimentary understanding of web development and coding. When it comes to technical writing and branding, a software engineer may have a vested interest.

Google seeks out well-rounded and multi-talented individuals because they can make valuable contributions in a variety of ways.

7- Have Googleyness

To be googly, you must have various intangible qualities, such as enthusiasm and desire and an intrinsic conviction in the power of technology to improve the world.

Google the word " Googleyness " to get more information.

In conclusion,

working in Google is the dream of many people worldwide. Although it seems possible, nothing ever is with taking the proper steps and exerting the best efforts. Who knows? Maybe next time you apply for a job at Google, you will get accepted and be on their team.

Happy 23rd birthday, Google!