Freelancer Mistakes: 13 Mistakes Costing You All Your Clients|


If we ask a newbie in freelancing: what's your biggest challenge?

The answer will be: Finding the first clients.

And If we ask an experienced freelancer, what's your biggest challenge?

The answer will be: retaining my clients.

Consequently, without clients, there will be no freelancing. But, the point is that many freelancers don't realize that they may unintentionally commit mistakes that cost them clients.

So, this write-up will help all freelancers discover and avoid mistakes that are costing them clients.

Freelancer Mistake #1 Accepting All Clients

Freelancer Mistake #1 Accepting All Clients
Beginner freelancers are always eager to build their portfolios, earn more money, and prove their ability to be their own bosses, so they tend to accept all clients. But, the fact is that the freelancer will never be able to meet the deadlines, deliver high-quality work, and meet the project owner's expectations.

Instead, list your target clients; Those clients who offer work that you're the best fit to accomplish, who's easy to access, and who pay on time.

Selecting the ideal clients will help you build a solid portfolio that opens the doors of opportunities to work with top brands in your industry. 

Freelancer Mistake #2: Skipping "Schedule" Discussions

Freelancer Mistake #2 Skipping Schedule Discussions
The client always asks about deadlines and if the freelancer will meet his deadlines and deliver the project on time. But, have you ever asked yourself, as a freelancer, what if the client didn't provide any important information or material required to accomplishing the task?

It's not an option to discuss the "schedule" from the freelancer's side. It'll help both sides to agree on every detail before starting working on the project. Try to list this among the questions list that you'll discuss during the first meeting.

Freelancer Mistake #3 Skipping Screening the Clients

Freelancer Mistake #3 Skipping Screening the Clients
Every freelance should consider screening the project owner before accepting his project. This screening process can unveil many bad signs that will lead to problems onwards.

The biggest problem that you may surprise by is not getting paid your amount or delaying it.

Make a list of your musts and use it to assess potential clients. It's the starting point to attract your target clients.

While it's vital to choose which types of project owners you like to deal with, it's even more crucial to determine which types you want to avoid working with them. You may accomplish this by preparing a few questions to ask. For example, you can ask:

  • If They hire freelancers regularly
  • What are their priorities: Money, Quality, or Deadlines?
  • How frequently do you require project progress updates?
  • What is the project's principal objective or purpose?
  • To you, what does "Name of Service" imply?

Freelancer Mistake #4 Ignoring Creating a Contract

Freelancer Mistake #4 Ignoring Creating a Contract
You expose yourself up to major misconceptions when you undertake a project before agreeing. Whatever the freelancer and the project owner decide on, such as key milestones, edits, and service charges, should be written down in a professional freelancing contract.

Unexpected bills, as well as much additional overtime pay, might always affect your final independent rate.

 As a result, having a freelancing agreement is an excellent idea to keep you secure financially.

Fortunately, there are numerous free agreement templates available online that you can use to construct a legal freelancing contract that includes all of your agreements.

Freelancer Mistake #5: Assuming clients know how to work with freelancers

Freelancer Mistake #5 Assuming clients know how to work with freelancers
Like regular jobs, both freelancers and project owners feel nervous while conducting the initial interview.

Although freelancers feel most nervous while submitting their proposals, project owners are not excepted from this nervousness. They have to hire a person to accomplish their work without being managed under a permanent contract, so they doubt his loyalty and commitment.

It's your golden opportunity to explain who you're as a freelancer, what you'll add to the table, and what services you'll offer more than the full-time employee. Set reasons that set you apart from the competition.

All of your clients must be familiar with your procedure. Simplify your work; ask for:

  • The information you need from the project owner to accomplish your tasks.
  • The project duration
  • The contact person whom you can ask for any required information while working on the project
  • Other details that may help you deliver high-quality work.
By simplifying your process, you'll make it easier for the employer to award the project to you.

Freelancer Mistake #6: Don't Know How to Say "No."

Freelancer Mistake #6 Don't Know How to Say No.
When it comes to saying no, many freelancers get flustered. But, how will you feel when working on a project that you hate?

Saying "Yes" for every request, edit, or review will harm your brand as a freelancer as it will waste your time and destroy your work strategy.

Say no the next time your instinct urges you to do so.

You may miss the opportunity to get the project, but you'll win more time to spend searching for a fantastic new opportunity where you can gain more income while working on a project that you like.

Freelancer Mistake #7: Inability to Deal with Angry Clients

Freelancer Mistake #7 Inability to Deal with Angry Clients
Angry clients here don't refer to clients who ask for unreasonable edits or add extra work while working on their projects.

Angry clients are those who inform the freelancer nicely that they had expected higher-quality results while assigning him.

This doesn't mean that you'll ignore the first type, as they can ruin your brand by spreading the word regarding your bad quality deliverables (from their point of view).

You can handle these clients by decreasing your amount, working long hours on their projects, or editing until they become satisfied. That may cost you time and effort, but it'll get rewarded by the end.

Freelancer Mistake #8: Sticking to the "Client is Always Right Strategy"

Freelance Mistake #8 Sticking to the Client is Always Right Strategy
Don't blindly do everything the client wants, as you're a professional freelancer who has expertise in your field.

Try to convince the client why your point of view is right through your past results or by offering alternative solutions. If you fail, apologize for accepting the project.

Accepting all requirements will ensure the client's satisfaction at the beginning.

Still, when it comes to results, you'll be the one and the only responsible, and it can ruin your market reputation.

Freelancer Mistake #9: Ignoring Reconnecting with Previous Clients

Freelancer Mistake #9 Ignoring Reconnecting with Previous Clients
Have you ever tried getting in touch with a previous client just to say "Hi"? That is a vital strategy if you want to get more projects.

You can send a short message to your previous client saying that you have time and are ready to accept new projects at the current time.

Clients are too busy to remember each client they have worked with; your message will be a "reminder."

Freelancer Mistake#10: Being Too Available to Every Client

Freelancer Mistake#10 Being Too Available to Every Client
You may never hear someone telling you: 'Don't be too accessible to your clients". Although it's critical to keep in touch with your clients and communicate effectively, it's essential to avoid getting bothered by too many calls and messages.  

Set specific times where the client can feel free to contact you so they can understand that any other time out from the selected, you'll not be accessible.

Freelancer Mistake# 11: Misperception

Freelancer Mistake# 11 Misperception
To succeed in today's job market, you've to realize the importance of effective communication. So, never presume that you understand all your client's needs without maintaining a meeting where you can discuss and understand more about his goals.

Utilize virtual meeting platforms like Skype or Zoom and schedule a meeting to discuss all the project's aspects to fulfill his needs and requirements.

That ensures receiving 5-star feedback and more clients to come back.

Freelancer Mistake #12: Client mismanagement

Freelancer Mistake #12 Client mismanagement
Comparing to full-time jobs, managing project owners virtually is not easy. So, having a good client management system is a must.

Conducting online conferences with the project owners and answering all their questions from the beginning will save money and effort, and the project duration.

The availability of project management software is crucial as it makes the whole process run more smoothly

Freelancer Mistake#13 Ignoring the First Contact Person

Freelancer Mistake#13 Ignoring the First Contact Person
Many freelancers remember their project owners by heart but forget who gets in touch with them to take the project. This person may leave the client and move to work in a more significant business with reputable clients. So, save their contact details and keep in touch with them regularly; you don't know who will bring your next client.

Although the list is endless, these are some of the most typical freelancer mistakes to avoid if you want to boost your freelancing journey.  

Learn from the freelancer mistakes, and