Effective ways to keep employees happy


An employer’s task doesn’t end at just hiring the employees, in fact, the responsibility increases with hiring candidates. Besides offering the right salary, incentives and other benefits it’s also the responsibility of the employer to keep the employees happy. To make sure that the employees are not facing any issue and are content with their role and company policies. 

  • Promote social networking and send congratulations messages - Networking on social media platforms and sending congratulatory messages on special occasions like birthday, anniversary, events - keeps the morale of employees high. 
  • Hold meetings outdoors - It’s not necessary to hold meetings in closed doors. You can at times call meetings outside the office. If the budget doesn’t allow, then terrace meetings with a round of beer cool off everyone. 
  • Reward the happiest employee - Like countries keep happiness Index record, as an employer, you must also try to know whether your employees are happy. 
  • Exchange gifts - Exchanging small gifts and thoughtfully assorted things don’t harm anyone. 
  • Set a comfortable room to relax - If the budget allows, you can set a room just to relax in the office. 
  • Flexible work schedules - Like employees put all the efforts to contribute to a company’s growth story as an employer you can also allow flexible work schedules.
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