Drjobpro Survey: 53% Of Employees Agree That A Healthy Work Environment Enhances Performance


We asked that question on Drjobpro LinkedIn page, “What is the main factor that makes you perform well in your job?” and 53% of the answers agreed that it’s all about the work environment and flexibility.

Healthy Work Environment
A healthy work environment encourages employees to do their best, even when the work nature is complicated. Every successful employer needs to consider developing a work environment.

Here are eight tips to help you achieve the best results and provide a healthy work environment.

1- Improve communication

Healthy Work Environment
Create methods of communication between you and your employees. Try to understand their problems and concerns. Keep your door always open.

Spread the concept of being open and straightforward with each other. Be positive and reinforce your employees. Show them how much they make a massive difference to the company.

Pay attention to your interactions and your tone of voice. Don’t be violent or bossy; that scares the employees. Show genuine interest in their efforts and accomplishments.

2- Create a comfortable workspace

Healthy Work Environment
Pick comfortable chairs and desks. Create a personal space for every employee to allow them to do their best and be creative.

Make the furniture comfy and provide a clean office for employees.

You can also give employees the choice to customize their offices. Please provide them with the freedom to choose what suits their personalities better.

Studies have shown that having a comfortable workspace increases productivity levels and gives employees a better chance to be creative.

3- Motivate and reward

Healthy Work Environment
Always motivate your employees by spreading positive vibes in the workplace. Write them motivational quotes from time to time. Hold meetings to make sure they’re excited enough about work.

You can also offer them presents for festivals and holidays. Personalize every gift according to each employee, which makes them feel more appreciated.

Reward the employee of the month by giving them a raise. Furthermore, you can provide them unique gifts to appreciate their extraordinary efforts.

Human beings love to feel rewarded by nature. Providing rewards for employees may cost you a little bit, but it helps your company grow a lot.

4- Establish a happy culture

Healthy Work Environment
Workplace culture is a considerable element in encouraging employees to go to work every day.

Creating a culture and an identity for your workplace takes so much effort, but it’s worth it.

Make sure that your company policies and culture respect diversity and inclusion. Also, avoid any unconscious bias from your side.

Give employees the chance to express their opinions and be themselves. Additionally, allow differences and debates healthily.

Establish an organized system to empower minorities and protect them from bullying or harassment at your workplace.

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5- Allow break time

Healthy Work Environment
Human beings cannot be productive if they’re not allowed to rest. Everyone has a limit for their energy levels, so giving your employees a break time is not even debatable.

Let employees choose their break times. Provide them a perfect space to rest and have lunch. Create fun activities to help them refresh and come back more productive.

You can also provide napping rooms so they get the chance to take a nap at the workplace. Studies have shown that those who take naps at work tend to be more productive and creative.

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6- Organize team building activities

Healthy Work Environment
Teamwork is essential at any successful company, and as it’s said, “It takes two to tango.”

If the bond between your team is solid, many things will change for the best. Creating harmony and understanding improves mental health and the work environment for employees.

Furthermore, it reinforces the sense of belonging to the workplace, which helps your employees feel more determined and encouraged to work.

Spread the values of tolerance and acceptance in your company to get better professional results.

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7- Improve the decoration and the lighting

Healthy Work Environment
The workplace decorations and lighting affect the employees’ mood and mental health hugely.

For example, studies have shown that blue boosts calmness and productivity, yellow helps people be more energized, green makes employees more relaxed, and orange raises activity levels.

Lighting is also essential to encourage employees to work under better conditions. Choosing natural lighting is the best choice for your workplace.

Natural lighting helps employees be more active. You can create more windows to let the natural lighting in. That also saves electricity, which is economical and good for the environment at the same time.

8- Be flexible

Healthy Work Environment
Being a flexible employer makes employees feel more comfortable in the workplace. It also enhances their sense of belonging to the company.

Set flexible policies that allow employees from different backgrounds to feel welcomed and appreciated.

For example, working parents may need to be working remotely for the conditions of COVID-19. Also, people from different religions have their festivals and feasts. Give them a chance to take these days off.

Some other employees may have certain health conditions that require special care and attention. Those also deserve a chance in the work market. Tailor work policies that suit them and their situation.