Don't do these things while writing a portfolio


Freelancing could seem rosy, but to make the working smooth one has to really work hard and most importantly smart. Working smartly is as important as working hard. The first step towards an organised working is creating a portfolio. In this article, we have given some tips on what not to do while creating a portfolio. 

  • Not having a portfolio - Not having a portfolio is like not having a face. Creating a portfolio will help you in showcasing your work to the clients. 
  • Waiting for a client to create your portfolio - This could be suicidal, waiting for the client to create the portfolio for you is nothing less than shutting down your freelancing business. 
  • Creating a portfolio without doing research - Creating a portfolio without any research is like having a body without any skeleton. Create your portfolio with proper research. This will help you in knowing what works in the market. 
  • Including all your previous works - While creating the portfolio include all your previous work. Mention your achievements. 
  • Not selecting an industry - While creating portfolios keep the target industry in mind. If you are proficient to handle work for different industries create one for each. 
  • Not updating your portfolio- Just creating a portfolio isn’t enough, updating it frequently is equally important. 
  • Hiding your selling points - To grab a project, showcasing your skills and achievements is essential. 
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