Delaying Tasks: How to Avoid|


Delaying tasks- How many times do you have an overloaded schedule and you end your day with "I'll complete it later", or receive necessary tasks at work and postpone your schedule for another day without a strong justification?

"Stop Saying Tomorrow ….Don’t Delay Your tasks"

The next day comes and you receive new tasks, so you have to stop the old tasks and start the new ones until you find a large set of tasks that you must finish at a specific time!!!

How did this happen? What went wrong? Why did lose focus?

Procrastination is a trap that many of us fall into. In fact, according to researchers and speakers 95 % of us procrastinate.

You’re not alone, it can be sobering to realize just how much it can hold you back.

How to avoid delaying tasks and overcome procrastination?

How to avoid delaying tasks and overcome procrastination
If you procrastinate because you're disorganized, here are 8 strategies to help you get organized:

There are no special tricks that will allow us to finish the task in less time. However, we can choose our attitude towards our responsibilities and how we act when faced with them.

One tip is to stop viewing our tasks as obligations and take them on as challenges This way, you’ll be more motivated and satisfied once they’re completed.

If we start off our day thinking we need to do laundry, clean the dishes, write our 20-page paper, and make it to the gym, it would be quite stressful and you might end up not knowing where to start. However, if we lay out all our tasks and prioritize them it’s easier to tackle them and reach our goals.

lay out all our tasks and prioritize
Being in charge of a task you don't like or prefer may make you feel lazy all the time, because you carry it on, so preferably to start the most difficult tasks and then, everything will sound better all the day

Beat Your Fears!

Overcome your fear of failure. Many goals are reached by trial and error. In problem-solving it’s important to try different paths to find the best outcome. Failure allows us to come up with creative solutions and challenges us to be better.

On the other hand, if you don’t feel satisfied with a task or it doesn’t make you happy, it’s fine to abandon it. The important thing is to make that decision calmly and not out of frustration or fear.

Sometimes when you think negatively, it can be beneficial for you, consider what will happen if I don't finish your task on time. Fear and desire are motivations for people's behavior. When you always think about the consequences and rewards that await you, it can be an important incentive to complete the required tasks.

This is a complicated task for a professional procrastinator. However, we can try to trick our minds with different deadlines ahead of schedule, allowing for a grace period to correct mistakes.

You should have free time at work to relax, so take approximately 15 minutes for drinking coffee or juice so that you can have peace of your mind, this step will help you complete your work and tasks.

Apps to help you avoid delaying tasks:

There are numerous apps designed to help you to be more organized, such as/community/App-Reviews/Trello.phpTrello and Toggl

Last Words:
  1. Remember: without effort, nothing is possible
  2. Write down your priorities
  3. Conquer the most difficult tasks
  4. Don’t be afraid to fail
  5. Think about the consequences
  6. Set a time frame
  7. Take time to rest
  8. Use time-management apps