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Do you want your CV to shine? Then, you should include numbers as they will immediately catch the recruiters' attention to your achievements.

For example, which candidate do you believe will pique the recruiter's interest the most?

The one who writes,

"I'm a very results-oriented content manager," or,

Who writes, "I managed a team of seven content writers and achieved a 25% rise in ranking in my last year as a content manager."

Who will be invited for the interview? Which one will get noticed by the recruiters?

Figures have a more significant impact than words in terms of allowing the recruiter to comprehend the scale and scope of your job.

Honestly, the buzzwords, like: "excellent leadership skills," "I work well under pressure," and "I am a team player," will not wow the recruiters since, beyond everything, the recruiters really like to see statistics and factual information in your resume.

As a result, using your quantified results in your CV helps you stress the significance and contribution you bring to an organization as an applicant.

The "value" that the company expects from you if you are hired will be justified by the data you provide on your superb work.

Notwithstanding, several job applicants still leave off past accomplishments and numbers from their cv, opting instead to list simply job duties.

So, how can you add numbers to your CV when you think you don't have them?

Evaluate your accomplishments

CV Writing: How to Make Your CV Shine with Numbers?
Let's begin by identifying the essential aspects that businesses believe to be critical indications of success.

If you can quantify your accomplishments in these essential areas, you will demonstrate what you have given to your current organization and what you can offer to your future one.

In any career position, not just sales or marketing, you must include figures on your CV.

It's all about figuring out which stats are most important in your job and putting them in the right places on your cv.

"I created a new content strategy that increased traffic rates by 50%," for example.

"December 2018, I launched a social media campaign that resulted in 3000 subscribers to our platform."

"I handled 300 clients/day with a 95% good satisfaction rate."

Below are some criteria that can be used to measure your achievements:

  • Indicators of quality
  • Level of service quality
  • Turnover and the retention percentage
  • Deadlines

29 Important Numbers You Should Use on Your CV

It's easier for some job seekers than others to quantify their CVs because some jobs don't offer quantified results.

So, if that's the scenario with you, how will you go about bolstering your CV with concrete, quantifiable facts?

Let's look at some numbers that can add value to your CV.


29 Important Numbers You Should Use on Your CV
  1. The number of people you've led or supervised in a team.
  2. Engagement of employees
  3. Promotional rates of employees
  4. The overall number of new partnerships you've concluded
  5. Projects you managed
  6. Successful programs you've presented
  7. Number of accounts you were in charge of
  8. Number of projects delivered on or before the deadlines
  9. Percentage of customers secured
  10. The total number of new accounts or projects that you have taken on overtime
  11. Percentage of revenues you achieved
  12. Percentage of cutting costs


29 Important Numbers You Should Use on Your CV
  1. Number of tasks delivered on time
  2. Number of customers' calls you received/hour
  3. Rate of responding time
  4. Number of clients you can serve in a short time
  5. Your modifications impact
  6. Number of successful presentations
  7. Cost savings through negotiation
  8. Cut costs due to your ideas
  9. Increased market share
  10. Number of achieved targets
  11. Number of challenges that have been addressed

Personal Progress

29 Important Numbers You Should Use on Your CV
  1. How many training courses you've attended?
  2. How many new skills you've sharpened?
  3. How many talents you've improved in no time?
  4. How many times you were "the star of the month"?
  5. How many persons you've trained?
  6. How many promotions have you got?

How Can You Strengthen Your Numbers?

CV Writing: How to Make Your CV Shine with Numbers?
Mentioning how you achieved these results will be a great addition to your CV. It's a way to showcase your creative thinking abilities.

For example,

You can say, "after optimizing the already posted content, I've achieved a 500% rise in the organic search volume."

"After providing a training course for our customer service representatives, we gained 300 new customers in a month."

In today's fast-paced job market, businesses seek to hire candidates who add something new and help in pioneering.

So, quantifying your results is not an option; it's your way to get invited for more interviews.

Moreover, if you believe that adding the country will be helpful, you can say":

For instance, "I have worked for five multinational companies in different countries, managing their IT teams: UAE, Qatar, Saudi, Germany."

Bottom line,

You don't provide the recruiters sufficient motivation to approach you if your resume is only a to-do list with no proof of previous accomplishments.

Numbers are highly significant aspects of appeal that help you stand out in the firm's eyes and create compelling grounds to invite you in for an interview.

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