Benefits: Discover What Makes a Benefits Package Competitive


An effective benefits process is always critical and represents an important thing to take into consideration to improve the effectiveness of employees, also it’s vital for employers to decide on an employee benefits package.  

Benefits: Discover What Makes a Benefits Package Competitive

What are the employee benefits packages?

Employee benefits are all benefits and services, other than wages, provided to employees as well as to their wages/salaries by the organization. These include programs offered by the organization to help enhance its employee’s life and work equally, benefits include various types of non-wage compensation for instance;

  • Social insurance programs
  • Health and life-related insurance coverage
  • Retirement plans
  • Payment for time not worked
  • Subsidized assistance
As an employer, you should know from where you should begin when deciding an effective benefits process, and to know the elements and ways that makeup and develop an effective program that works for your company and serve its goals.

So from where you shall begin? Well, begin by identifying your organization’s benefits goals, and by clarifying those goals you can develop an effective benefit process.

Using your organization’s benefits goals as a guide will enable you to make decisions that will fit your company’s goals and overall achievements.

Start by answering these questions:

  • What level of benefits can your organization afford?
  • Will you require employees to pay for all or a portion of the costs?
  • Will your benefits reward longevity and encourage retention or focus on short-term expectations?
  • Is it important for your organization to have benefits that encourage professional and/or personal growth?
  • If there specific or special benefits that you must offer because of senior management needs or the nature of your workforce?
  • How will your benefits match the demographics of your workforce?
  • How do you want your benefits to stacking up against those offered by companies that compete for your employees?
When designing employee benefits programs you should discover what your employees look for in benefits and want the most.

What do employees look for in benefits?

Each employee’s needs are different from the others, sometimes it depends on the age and family status of the employee. While another employee interested in health insurance and want to place it at the top of the list, the amount of available vacation may be a strong benefit for some of the employees, so if you don’t know what your employees want you can easily ask them for achieving an effective benefit package for them and their company.

How to Make the Final Decision Regarding the Benefits Package?

The final decision will be based on several factors, such as:

  • An employee needs that based on age, family, and income demographics
  • The competitive needs which are driven by the types of packages your industry and local competitors offer
  • Organizations goals and plans
  • The needs of an owner or senior manager
  • The cost and benefit levels of specific plans
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