Co-working Spaces: Pros And Cons For Any Freelancer


Co-working spaces have become popular among employees and students recently. They provide a communal area for those who want to be productive and creative. If you are a freelancer, you are probably tired of working from home, especially if you do not have the most suitable environment. There’s a variety of co-working areas worldwide, and you could easily find one in your neighborhood. Here are some pros and cons of co-working if you are still making your mind.


1- Having company to encourage you

Working on your own could be non-encouraging sometimes. You could quickly get bored of work or feel lonely. Working with others gives you the right vibes for productivity. Having people around you who do the same activity gives your mind space and the energy to get creative and productive. You could also share some ideas with them and make them suggest ideas for you.

2- Creating a work-life balance

Working from home could sometimes confuse you between your work-time and your lifetime. Existing in a co-working space gives you the ability to distinguish between both and makes the line between them clear. You could also create your working hours for yourself and give up on being always busy working from home.

3- Making connections

Being surrounded by other workers gives you the chance to communicate with them and have a similar community. You could build a lot of positive relationships in a co-working space. It allows you to use others’ experiences and allows you broader opportunities to find more clients for your career.


1- Having distractions

Having other people around you might be a kind of distraction instead of being an encouraging tool. If you are a person who cannot focus while in public, co-working spaces are not made for you. Sometimes you could also be deprived of concentration by other voices like cars and street noises. You could also choose to have your headphones on and avoid all the noise around you.

2- Having more expenses and costs

Sometimes co-working spaces are not budget-friendly, as some of them cost a lot per hour. If you’re also using a lot of transportation, it might cost you a lot. Try to choose places in your neighborhood, and there are monthly deals with co-working spaces that might be better for your budget. Also, remember that they are offering you high internet speed and a comfortable place to spend time in, that’s why they may be expensive sometimes.

3- Giving up on privacy

When you work with other people, you will discuss various topics and ideas together. Sometimes you’d have to express your opinions about stuff, which would make your mindset exposed to others. They would also occasionally ask you about the personal information to build friendships. If you don’t like building friendships with strangers, try to keep your boundaries and do not feel shy to announce them.

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