Be An Artist And Have An Income Too!


Turning what you love to do a career is a lot of people’s dream. Imagine gaining money from what you enjoy and can do the most. Some people think it’s risky to leave your office work to get a job as an artist. It’s commonly said that art can be a side job or a hobby, but could it be a career?

The answer is yes, as the changes that happened to the world recently made it possible. With social media and people expressing their opinions freely, you can easily be a known artist and make good money out of your art. Here are some steps to help you turn your craft into a career.

1- Plan well first

You cannot just jump from working in corporate life to being a free artist. You should plan first and make a list of the steps you want to make to guarantee a stable life in the future. You could be taking these steps in parallel with going on with your office job. That would help you make a smooth transfer between the careers. It doesn’t have to be suffering for the sake of art. It could be planning well for the sake of art.

2- Work on your skills

Take online courses, visit museums and ask other artists. Practice a lot daily, as art doesn’t only depend on inspiration. We know that most people think that you should be only doing art when you are in its mood, but this is not true. Give yourself a daily routine of practicing, even when you’re not at your best. That would help you work under all circumstances and make you a better artist.

3- Create your own space

Every artist should have space of their own to let the creativity flow be at its best. It doesn’t have to be a vast studio, as it’s okay to take a little space out of your room and make it your studio. Hang posters of people and things that inspire you. You could also put your paintings on the wall and take pride in them. Try to make your art space as organized as possible so it doesn’t affect the rest of your room area or make you feel annoyed about it.

4- Create your artistic identity

You immediately recognize a painting for Van Gogh once you see it; that’s because he has his artistic identity and style. Every artist has their own unique identity, as art is a way of self-expression, and we are all different human beings. Try to explore your true self by observing many artworks and finding out about what you connect to the most. You’ll eventually come out of your unique style that is different from all the other artists.

5- Make your online existence

What makes our era so various is the ability to exist among people online. It gives artists a better chance to feel more heard and appreciated. Don’t feel shy out of posting your works online. Try to accept all kinds of criticism and positively take them. It would also be better if you feel disappointed if you’re not recognized for the first time. Please do not stop trying, as the world needs more art and beauty.

Now you can start and exist among other artists online and offline by branding your works and going to many events.

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