Are You Fresh Graduated And Still Looking For A Job?!!


Help! I Have Finished Studying And I Can't Find Any Work

To Get your Bachelor's degree or Diploma became essential to any career, but is it considered that you are unique?! Unfortunately …No

Simply, Because you are in the same race as other people who have the same degree of you, so what is the difference between you and them?!

This is the main problem that is happening to the most of new graduates who collide with the reality of job requirements after graduation, as if all the jobs are waiting for them to join, but the opposite is happening, They are looking for jobs!.

The most mistake that new graduates doing is to spend all the years of the university in study only, not dividing the time between study and work even if it is unpaid job, it is important to put yourself in the job environment after the first year of study to make sure:

  • - Is this job really what you want?
  • - Will you be able to give more during your work?
  • - Will you still be eager to align with the developments that will happen over time?
Maybe there’s signs appeared to figure out that you are not interested in this job even though you have chosen the field of study, So early discovery is better than being late. Because you might get into a deep depression to be studied for many years in a field that you will not be able to continue though this early step will be beneficial to choose the best for you.

Is it too late? No

Because Dr / Job offers you the steps to work even if you are a fresh graduate In GCC.

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