Apprenticeship vs University Degree: Which Grants a Better Job?


What is an apprenticeship? Could it be an alternative to a university degree? And who should consider doing it? 

If you’ve never heard of an apprenticeship program – Then this article is just for you.  

Apprenticeships are training programs that merge the hands-on experience and study materials that are needed for a particular profession or job title. 

A dream to work for tech or innovative giants in the industry is one step closer if you consider becoming an apprentice – And I emphasize “tech” and "innovation" because not all specializations have apprenticeship programs equivalent to their corresponding college subjects or curriculum. For example, Philosophy and Languages are some of the subjects that you can’t find an apprenticeship within a company for. 

With that being said, one should come to realize that every apprenticeship program is different – Where the design and structure of the program is a result of each company’s vision and requirements. 

– Could an apprenticeship be a good substitute for a college degree? – 

College and university life could be an exciting experience – Yet in many countries education is not free, and this is one of the main reasons why apprenticeships can be your better choice. 

If you can combine all elements that provide a positive answer to this question – Tendency for vocational work, Lack of time for going through 4 years of studying, and financially not capable of doing a college degree.  

Then you are in for a treat applying to an apprenticeship program – Because not just you're training at the company you most love, but you get paid as well! – Yes it’s a paid training program just like an employee at the company gets paid for their work.  

Here is a list of sectors and industries that you might be able to find an apprenticeship program at companies operating in them:  

  • Telecommunications Companies 

  • Construction 

  • Hospitality 

  • Marketing 

  • Electrical Engineering

  • Mechanical Engineering

  •  Mechatronics 

  • Manufacturing Engineering 

  • Civil Engineering 
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