Applicant Tracking Systems: Definition, Reasons And More


Applicant tracking systems have been a great help for many recruiters and HR managers in recent years. Drjobpro explains for you today the meaning of applicant tracking systems and why employers should use them.

What are applicant tracking systems?

Applicant tracking systems consist of algorithms that recognize and match the applicants’ resumes with the job requirements. They help with minimizing the size of the talent pool. They also make the recruitment process more manageable.

With technology, there’s no need to take too much time and effort during the recruitment process. Applicant tracking systems filter the resumes according to job requirements and provide recruiters with the initial screening.

Additionally, applicant tracking systems keep track of every activity in the recruitment department, which keeps your team more connected and coherent.

Say goodbye to the old ways of collecting resumes, filtering, and choosing the best candidates. Applicant tracking systems do all of that for you.

Why should employers use Applicant tracking systems (ATS)?

1- To save costs

The recruitment process usually takes a lot of money to be done perfectly.

Most employers should hire a recruiter to get the job done efficiently.

The process of hiring a recruiter itself takes many costs. Also, those recruiters need salary and supplies.

Using Applicant tracking systems saves you all of that hustle. Moreover, they’re sustainable and replace old expensive ways.

2- For an efficient hiring process

Using applicant tracking systems improves the quality of your talent pool because those systems pick the best and the more qualified resumes of all the candidates.

When you use applicant tracking systems, it’s easier to manage the hiring process. Using them allows you to track applicants, organize data and provide it to your team.

ATS allows you to search for candidates by categories, which helps you find the best candidates.

3- To be more productive

Applicant tracking systems allow recruiters and their teams to be more productive and have a more straightforward recruitment process.

There are a lot of valuable features that are provided by Applicant tracking systems.

These features give recruiters the chance to post on various job boards.

They also provide professional e-mail templates for a more straightforward communication process.

Moreover, applicant tracking systems allow commenting and sharing, which makes it better for team communication.

They also give recruiters the chance to comment on candidates’ applications and share the comments among other team members.

4- To avoid unconscious bias

Humans are mostly biased toward people from their countries, religion, political affiliations, or nations.

Even those who state 100% objectivity don’t realize that their bias is unconscious.

Many recruiters get to choose applicants according to their names, countries, colleges, or even their degrees.

Sometimes their choice is not fair and objective enough, which affects the proficiency of the hiring process.

That wastes a lot of talents and qualifications. Many candidates can be excellent potential employees aside from their affiliations.

Applicant tracking systems don’t believe in discrimination. They only believe in matching and qualifications.

ATS helps you choose professionally without any unconscious bias or human subjective human errors.

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5- They’re marketable

Gaining clients for your company doesn’t only depend on the quality of your products. It’s also based on your hiring process, reputation among candidates, and your company’s development.

Having a professional hiring process gets the candidates to talk more about your company which markets for it.

Creating an identity for your company is also necessary. It allows clients to recognize you and notice your uniqueness.

Having applicant tracking systems creates a good hiring process and markets for your company.

Furthermore, having ATS gives your company a unique identity among the rest of the job market.

6- They’re time friendly

Imagine following traditional hiring and tracking applicants; a lot of documents, papers, used space, headaches, recruiters, and even time.

Forget about manually adding resumes because applicant tracking systems do the whole process for you.

All the data of your applicants won’t need you to add them. Applicant tracking systems save whatever data you need automatically.

Moreover, you won’t need to filter applications manually, which takes a lot of time, thinking and pressure.

Applicant tracking systems save all that for you by filtering the applications automatically.

That gives you the chance to focus on qualified applications and get a better quality talent pool without wasting too much time making decisions.

Using applicant tracking systems helps you focus on the rest of your work to be more productive and let your company rank first among your competitors.

In conclusion,

applicant tracking systems are one of the best accomplishments humans made in the recruiting world in recent years. Don’t hesitate to provide your company with these features so your hiring process becomes more efficient and your team feels more comfortable.