Anger Strikes Reasons and How to Control it!


We’ve all been in that place where your heart beats runs faster than an Olympic racer, your face turns redder than a fresh picked tomato, your mouth runs dry, your eyes burst with flames and that’s when it happens you say things you’re not supposed to say, maybe you’ll bump fist the next person beside you, who knows what else you’ll do when you’re in that rage phase! These moments last for seconds however you regret them for a lifetime!

Anger strikes are such a common thing to happen especially at your workplace, there’s a dozen of reasons that encourage them to occur…

  • You’ve been promised a raise but never actually happened!
  • Frequently being criticized by your fellow colleagues or supervisor!
  • Another employee doing less work than you do yet being payed better!
so many reasons that could drive you mad in just few seconds, especially being in a stressful environment, apart from the employees’ own personal issues that can be reflected and transformed easily into Anger at the workplace! That’s why it is very important for you to always remember that nothing lasts forever, everything can be treated wisely apart from losing it in public!

Here’s some tips to help you control your Anger episodes!

  • Take Several Deep Breaths
  • Count Slowly to 10
  • Whisper to yourself a calming word like “Relax” or “Take it Easy”
  • Listen to your favorite music
  • Try loosing up your muscles to not stay tense and angry
  • Think of a happy place or moment
We know how hard it could be to control your rage especially if you know you’ve been mistreated or extremely irritated from anyone, but it’s always good to remember those tips and try your best to dial it down and stay calm for your own good. Stay calm … stay at peace!

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