An Organized Work Space Is Your Key To Success: Find Out Why


Do you ever wonder why you feel negative about your workplace? Are your focus levels consistently low?
Is your productivity decreasing, but you don’t get why? Do you keep forgetting about the most critical tasks?

There’s a reason why all of this is happening to you. It may be a little bit invisible for your mind, but it’s genuinely effective; an unorganized workplace.
A lot of people might ask, “How is that even related to work productivity or career goals?”

messy office

Here’s a detailed answer for them.

First, it saves a lot of time for you: when you have an organized workplace, it makes you find your tools easier and save these long minutes of searching.

Second, it makes you feel positive and happy: your mind gets affected by the mess around you and constantly gets distracted by it. Having a clean, neat workplace makes you calmer and more focused.

Third, it gives a good impression about you: people always admire the organized ones. It also makes them trust your work and gives them good professional vibes about you.

Fourth, it helps you focus on your priorities and makes you accomplish goals easier.
If you are wondering now about which tools and supplies can help you make your workplace more organized, here are five essentials that you should have at your workplace.

1- A notebook

You may wonder why it’s that important to have a notebook while you already got your laptop. Many people prefer documenting their work on a computer, which’s good, but a notebook is not actually for writing all of your stuff.

Studies have shown that brainstorming is more effective when it happens on a paper. You cannot just spill out your thoughts on the final document without analyzing them first. It helps a lot to represent your innovative ideas in the form of writing. It also makes your data more organized and appealing.

A notebook also helps in making a to-do list. Writing your daily tasks down makes them more manageable and easier to accomplish.

2- Writing tools

writing tools
We mean pens, pencils, erasers, markers, sharpeners, highlighters, and rulers by writing tools. That stuff would help you a lot when writing down notes or organizing your thoughts. Get sets of different colors and types. Mark the crucial things with distinctive colors like pink or yellow.

The writing tools would make meetings and tasks way more fun for you. Colors make a lot of difference for our brains and eyes. Don’t just stick to traditional work tools and avoid missing all the fun parts.

You can get a customized pencil case with your favorite prints from your ultimate TV show or animation. All of that would encourage you to be more productive and creative.

3- A board

Those offices that have a think-board are way more fun than the normal ones. If you stay in a shared office, all team members might brainstorm their thoughts on this board. You can also distribute tasks and work among you on it.

If the office is only for you, it would also be a good constant reminder of what you have to do throughout your day. Once you reach your office, start writing down your daily tasks on it. You can also use it as a way of illustrating and explaining challenging missions for your brain. Remind yourself of those days when you were a little kid and used the same board to learn and explain stuff for you and your friends.

4- Bookshelves

You probably have a lot of books and documents that are related to your field. If you are keeping them at your office, it’s impossible to leave them without bookshelves. Some people prefer to have paper books instead of electronic ones, and that’s okay. You don’t have to go paper-free when it comes to everything like everybody else.

The thing is to keep them organized and categorized well. If books stay at your desk, they will take a lot of space and wouldn’t give you the chance to work freely. Try to use the wall space properly and create your shelves. DIY those shelves with categories for different types of books.

5- Digitalize what’s possible

Do not stick to old tools, as long as you have modern ones that make life easier. Digitalizing documents would make them safer, reachable, and organized. If you don’t have a problem with electronic books, go for them. It’s also essential to store the most critical documents on a safe platform. Upload them and try to keep them as secure as possible.

Ask a technology savvy or the IT team in your company about methods to secure your accounts and documents. Create strong passwords and don’t trust anyone. Do not also exchange any personal information or click any untrusted URLs.

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