9 Valuable Tips For Busy Mothers In Ramadan


There’s an immense responsibility taken by mothers in Ramadan, especially the busy working moms, as the whole family depends on them while also having work responsibilities.

Mothers In Ramadan
Today, we are here to help busy mothers who put too much effort into their family and career life during Ramadan.

How can Ramadan be more effortless for busy mothers?

1- Be realistic

Don’t set high expectations for yourself. You’re fasting, working, and taking responsibility for the household. Mothers are mostly expected to be superheroes, while that causes them a lot of pressure.

Expecting perfect work productivity, doing all house chores, and boosting your spirituality all at the same time will get you disappointed eventually.

Set realistic goals for yourself so that you can achieve them. Make a to-do list of what you want to do on the different levels of career, house, family, and spiritual rituals.

2- Plan for meals

You can plan for the meals day by day or weekly. Whatever suits you best. Make things easier for yourself by choosing simple meals. It doesn’t have to be traditional food all the time.

Try to go shopping after Iftar and get what you’ll need in cooking for the next two weeks. That helps you save a lot of time and effort in the future and makes you feel secure about the amount of food you have.

Some foods can be prepared and frozen like a samosa. Doing that saves you a lot of thinking whenever you don’t feel like cooking.

Mothers In Ramadan

3- Ask for help

You’re not a superhero. There’s nothing wrong with asking for other people’s help.

Are you having trouble at work?

 Ask for your manager’s help.

 If you have a partner, talk to him about doing house chores with you.

Is the responsibility of the kids too much for you?

It’s okay. Hire a babysitter or ask your friends and family to help you.

Women don’t have to be responsible for everything. Don’t feel guilty about not being able to accomplish all things at the same time.

None of this makes you a bad mom or a lazy employee.

4- Learn to relax

The world won’t end if your family doesn’t have ten different kinds of food on Iftar. It won’t be a disaster when you give yourself time and attention instead of giving it all to family and work.

Focus on your health, and don’t forget about having enough balanced diet. We know how much Ramadan can be very overwhelming, but you come first.

You know what’s better for you and your family. Don’t let yourself get affected by society or friends. No one is in your shoes to judge your situation.

Mothers In Ramadan

5- Keep kids busy

Kids mostly take a lot of effort to be taken care of. They have extra energy, and they always need much concentration—the idea of taking care of kids while fasting can be challenging.

Keep them occupied by giving them toys or art crafts to play with. Kids also love colors and drawing a lot. Some other kids prefer playing with Lego. You know them better, and you can decide which suits their personalities.

Moreover, it’s okay to turn on the TV and let them watch cartoons, as long as it’s age-appropriate. Talk to them from time to time, so they sense your existence.

6- Limit iftar parties

We understand the tradition of having many iftar parties in Ramadan, but it’s not the best fit for everyone. Don’t feel ashamed of rejecting invitations or explaining your situation to others.

Everybody chooses what’s best for them, so you too have to do that. Pressuring yourself to please others won’t have good consequences on your mental or physical health.

If you have any iftar parties, don’t overcook. Also, it’s okay to get restaurant food delivered to your house instead of cooking. There’s nothing wrong with choosing your comfort.

Mothers In Ramadan

7- Focus on spirituality

Ramadan is mainly about getting closer to God by praying, reading Quran, giving Sadaqah, and fasting.

Try to focus more on doing all of those rituals. Ramadan is a unique chance that only comes once a year.

Additionally, don’t pressure yourself to do them all perfectly. Your other responsibilities like taking care of your family and work are also other forms of worshiping God.

8- Use technology for your good

Always choose what makes things easier for you. What’s the point of exerting too much effort while having other accessible alternatives?

Dishes after Iftar are a considerable burden. Get yourself a dishwasher and take that load off your chest.

In addition to that, many online shopping apps can help you do your grocery shopping efficiently without having to go out while fasting.

Mothers In Ramadan

9- Talk to your employer

A lot of companies have different working hours in Ramadan. Some of them decrease the hours for the sake of Muslim employees.

If your company doesn’t have this option, try to talk to your employer and explain the situation to them. Maybe they’re not Muslim, and they don’t understand what Ramadan is.

Moreover, tell them about the idea of working from home. That might be a good solution for both of you.