85% of job opportunities are hidden. How to approach companies to get one of them?


Do you know that there are so many unadvertised jobs? And your next opportunity may be "hidden"?

Today we can compare the job market to an "iceberg." Because this market has become characterized by many hidden aspects that no one knows about, but these aspects are very influential.

What happens?

The recruiter informs the team that the company is looking for a new candidate, so "if you have any recommendations, send me their resumes." … This is the hidden job.

Lately, the idea of a hidden workforce has been generalized to cover positions rarely promoted in areas where they are unlikely to be noticed.

So, how to approach companies to find hidden jobs?

Informational Interviews

Informational interviews can be disheartening for those who do not know precisely what to do or expect.

However, like many other aspects of the hidden job market, informational interviews can help you understand more about your industry more effectively.

If you are a media specialist, for example, and do not know where and how to start your career, you can communicate with someone who has experience in the field through these interviews.

This interview helps you understand more about the field and can open doors for connecting with other people.

Spending time talking with someone who has experience in your target field helps you understand more about the job market and increases your likelihood of getting a job in the hidden job market.

Informational interviews are mutually profitable; You can get invaluable information from a person who specializes in your target field, and you can leave a positive impression on someone who may be a potential future employer.

Go door-to-door

Going directly to a potential employer may be an unusual thing to do, but it is an effective technique.

Take the initiative, and start a face-to-face conversation.

If you have a shortlist of local businesses that may like your expertise, Go to the companies with your Cv. Having a positive impression may lead to an interview with a customer or a business owner who is there, or they may be looking for a candidate at this moment.

Highlight your strengths and demonstrate how your skills and experiences can add value to the organization and help it achieve its goals.

This straightforward approach may take some time to succeed, but it may ultimately lead to the full-time job you always dreamed of.

Give a Cold Call

 Prepare a short elevator pitch and call ten managers or hiring specialists in 10 companies. Build rapport by saying how you find them and why you're interested in joining their organization, then give them a pitch and see if they need someone with your expertise or if they know someone who may need your qualifications.

Creative Calling

You can be creative before reaching the employer by sending him a coffee cup with a lovely notecard mentioning that it will be a pleasure if he has time to answer your call while drinking coffee. Then, give him 20 minutes and call him. Start by saying, "Hi, I know you just received my treat." And then tell him what you actually need.

Tailored Emails

Send emails introducing yourself and attaching your resume to particular non-HR leaders who may look for your qualifications in the future, or perhaps right now. You may be invited for the interview due to your well-tailored resume and a strong summary. Motivate leaders who are dissatisfied with their staff to take the decision of hiring you. Tell them that you'll follow up with a phone call to know their feedback.

Postcard Strategy

Send a letter of introduction to selected organizations and provide a self-addressed, personalized postcard with 3 options that make it easier for them to reply with either their contact information, a more suitable company, or rejection because your qualifications don't match them.

Consider Social Media Platforms

As everyone now is using social media and companies concentrate on building their online brand. Use the DM option to send your resume and a cover letter showing your reasons behind selecting this company to join. You could get hired due to showing interest.

Many experts always assert the idea that your online presence is the secret behind getting new jobs.

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Pay Attention to Billboards

Take searching for a job as a job itself. Think about it as a task that you have to accomplish. Another creative way to help you find hidden jobs is to notice businesses' advertising billboards while being in the street. If you find any new company, contact them immediately by phone, mail, or visiting the branch. There's a high possibility that you can get a job there that matches your skills as they are just starting a business and looking for qualified talents.

Consider Similar Occupations

Every sector has similar roles that could require as little as a single viewpoint. Accountants and attorneys will be able to run companies, programmers may be able to instruct, etc., and you have to think of similar roles to keep your actual career on the direct path.

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