7 Tips To Get The Best Internships


There are various internships on Drjobpro, but the question is, "How can I get the best opportunities?"

First, let's get acquainted with the definition and forms of internships in general.

Internships are opportunities that employers provide to students or fresh graduates to engage in the labor market, learn about new areas, and acquire professional and cognitive skills.

Internships allow employers to introduce new energies and ideas into their companies; this stimulates innovation and development.

There are different types of training opportunities that we'll show together:

1- Paid internships

The intern receives a salary for the work and services he provides to the organization, often found in private companies or large ones.

2- Externships

They are very similar to the regular internships, but interns spend shorter periods in them, for example, days or weeks.

 Externships help them get to know briefly about a particular field.

3- Cooperative Education

That service lasts for a year or more, which makes it different from a regular internship.

4- Summer internships

Most students prefer summer training opportunities to align between their studies and training at the same time.

The summer internship period takes about two or three months, and these opportunities vary between full and part-time.

5- Internships for Credit

These opportunities require to be related to the field of study.

Students have these opportunities to raise their grades and gain experience at the same time.

6- Nonprofit Internships

These internships are devoted to nonprofit organizations such as hospitals, universities, charities, and others.

 The intern focuses on providing specific services to these organizations and helping them achieve their goals.

7- Service learning

During these internships, people learn how to serve the community.

 These internships allow interns to discover themselves and their societies. It also helps them change their points of view about several things.

Now, let's know seven tips to help you find the best internships!

1- Create a professional resume

Many candidates for internships or job opportunities do not realize how their resume affects their likelihood of getting selected.

 A resume is the first thing that the recruiter sees; It tells a lot about you in a few seconds.

Make sure your resume is organized, clear, and error-free.

Avoid filling out your resume with personal details that are not related to the internship itself.

There is still a lot to write in your resume if you are a student; highlight your best grades, volunteer work, student activities, skills, and talents.

All of the above will give a great impression about you to the recruiters.

2- Never get tired of searching

We know that the research process is long, tiring, and sometimes disappointing, but it helps you find the best internships.

Try to search in an organized and straightforward manner, create a specific plan, choose suitable sites for your goal, and specify fields that you want to explore in-depth.

Remember not to stop sending your resume to suitable opportunities.

3- Expand your network

A vast network plays a considerable role in introducing you to recruiters and employers.

Get to know experienced people in the field of your interest. Additionally, do not forget to contact employers and recruiters.

Communicate with everyone related to your fields of interest. Do not forget to tell your professors at the university that you are looking for an internship; they might have one for you.

Tell your family, friends, and colleagues about your search for a suitable internship; opportunities come from where you would not expect.

To learn more, 6 Tips to Build Your Strong Professional Network (When You Don’t Know Anyone)

4- Show your skills online

If you like writing, drawing, crafting, graphic design, teaching, or any other fields, feel free to show your skills and abilities to the world.

Create your blog, Facebook account, or Instagram page, or maybe a YouTube channel that gives teaching and training advice. You can also promote your business on LinkedIn.

Many job opportunities and internships come through online platforms; the more known you are in a specific field, the more recruiters try to reach you.

5- Attend job fairs

Job fairs are filled with many employers and recruiters, as their aim is mainly to find the best talents to enable them to work.

Do not forget to submit your resume and follow up with the recruiter if you applied for an internship.

6- Start your search early

Don't wait until you are most in need of an internship; search as early as possible so that you can find the most suitable opportunity.

Recruiters and employers prefer early seekers.

It will also help you relax and take your chance at research without rushing.

7- Subscribe to Drjobpro

Drjobpro has a massive database, which allows you to communicate with employers and recruiters.

We also have features for direct messaging with them.

Create an account on Drjobpro in 2 minutes, then start finding the best internships.