7 Habits Every Freelancer Should Stop Doing Now


Are you wondering why work gets more problematic for you day by day? Do you wake up with no motivation to do anything at all? When was the last time you felt good and satisfied with your work?

Sometimes, we make many habits unconsciously, and they genuinely affect our general mood and our willingness to work. Here are some bad habits that affect your professional and personal life as a freelancer negatively.

1- Messy sleeping schedules

Not having fixed work hours might make you sleep and wake up whenever you want, which is not preferable. Our bodies get affected by our sleeping schedules the most. It would help if you slept for certain fixed hours a day to be active and productive and to have a better general mood.

2- Having unhealthy life-style

It includes sitting on a chair for long hours and having unhealthy food. Sometimes freelancers get overwhelmed by work, and they forget to take care of their health. Try to take a five-minute break every hour and move from your chair. You can eat healthy snacks during work, instead of junk food.

3- Always working from home

As a freelancer, you have the chance to work from anywhere. Why are you sticking to home?
Working from different places helps a lot improve productivity and makes you have more energy. Working from the same place every day gets you bored and affects your creativity levels. The whole world could be your office. What are you waiting for?

4- Working too much

It’s challenging when you are a freelancer to limit working hours. You’re probably working for the whole day without having time for yourself. You’re going to end up burnt out and exhausted. That will also affect your productivity in the long term. Please find time for yourself. Life has much more than work.

5- Having no boundaries

Do clients send you messages and communicate with you at any time without considering your personal life?
That’s because you didn’t set boundaries from the very beginning. It’s important to acknowledge clients that you have specific work hours; otherwise, you cannot communicate with them or discuss any work-related topics.

6- Procrastination

Most freelancers fall for this trap. Try to identify what makes you procrastinate. It’s not poor time management, but your mind has reasons not to like doing this job. There are many methods to make work easier for you, like making a to-do list or taking a short break every 25 minutes of work.

7- Checking your phone

Social media can be a massive source of distraction to all of us. It also affects concentration and the stream of thoughts. If you keep checking your phone, the day will pass without finishing your work, and you'll end up disappointed. Keep your phone away from you and try to control yourself. Time after time, you won't hold it while working, and it’s all going to be under control.

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